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By: Pobert II Smith

Verious method were applied in the dissemination of medical information through offline established libraries. The problem of location, time constraints, and unavailability of the requested documents often arises. Consequently, the proposed “Multi-media Digital Library” is to enhance easy accessibility and dissemination of medical information via the internet and in other media used in the medical profession. However, from this report you may discover that such medial facility was available but no effective utilization due none availability of the required skilled manpower. Consequently, digital library fashioned or designed specifically for the medical profession was abandoned. The research report carried out got detailed information of the poor utilization of the facility from the users and as well as other staff in the medical profession. There is also the problem of disagreement arising from the implementation of the proposed facility by various organizations due to the fact that each protecting her policies and even involving political sentiments. These and many more are the basic factors that determine the implementation and success of the proposed project as outlined in this report.

Advanced information technology is applicable in all professional fields as the world economy continues to grow very fast and there is the need to formulate more better ideas in the dissemination of information from digital library to the beneficiary of medical professionals.
Various methods were used in the dissemination of information through established libraries which contain several books and required information for education and for research purposes. Consequently, one should visit the library at his or her own space of time scheduled. However, it does not provided the relevant information required since not every information could be provided at a particular library . Consequently, problems were associated with the traditional method of acquiring information from a particular library which results to poor dissemination of information which impedes the type of information required by the medical professionals.

Therefore, the need to establish a digital library arises for the medical profession was born to enable medical professionals get access to the much needed information. I am using the research document entitled “Acceptability of Medical Digital Library” by Dr Adams and Dr a Belford.
Problems were associated with the traditional library practices due to the fact that books and other relevant information required for educational and research projects which are being deposited at the public library incur some problems due to the fact that not every information are provided at a particular library. Lot of time is being wasted in sorting out the information and in most cases the information may not be available at all. It may be that the kind of information required is available within the state or in other states of the country; in order to acquire the information, one has to travel far away visiting other libraries incurring transportation cost in order to acquire the much needed information. Therefore the traditional library system make thing very difficult for the readers who are in need of specific information.

There is also the problem of locating the library. Some library may be located in region that is not easily accessible due to the fact that not everyone is familiar with the region unless a taxi man takes you there. “All the respondents perceived traditional libraries to have limited accessibility due to the physical location of the libraries to which they have had access(including, but not limited to the main hospital library)” according to the report. The library was brought to strategic locations to enhance accessibility. Yet “.. the library re-position ( “ a large London office…”) makes that staff wishing to use the library and met their own tight schedule found it increasable difficult to get the information they required” according to the Research Report. Consequently, the location of a library constitutes a major problem that impedes accessibility. “..the poor accessibility of current library systems, make it difficult to access specialized information…Many senior staff noted that poor usability meant that information access via computer was time-consuming..” according to the Report.

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