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If you are a medical graduate out of job, you should try to look for temporary positions available in various hospitals. Those are called medical locums (from the Latin 'locum tenens', but you should already know that if you've studied medicine) and in the majority of places, they are managed by government agencies like the four National Health Service organizations in the U.K. About 80 per cent from the 3,500 active locum doctors are managed by these health organizations, but the average time practiced by locum doctors is about three months.

Medical jobs like these generally are paid less than to the doctor being replaced temporarily, but the professional placeholders still have to perform the same duties (more or less). Aside from being a career opportunity, a medical locum is a great place to practice medicine if you haven't had the chance to do it before, as well as do some traveling. Ever wanted to live in Europe? In Australia? In the U.K, India, the U.S.? If you've studied medicine, that is most certainly possible.

A common practice in the U.S. is to seek psychiatrists and other doctors with a focus on mental illnesses for work in government institutions. This includes both being a therapist for people returned home from the military, working in drug rehab institutions and much more. Those locums are likely to become permanent, because there is a lack of such practitioners in the U.S. You can search for jobs like these online – both in government websites and in private ones. Most of these locum tenens jobs require previous experience though.

What is interesting is this: although locum positions are usually insured against malpractice claims, your boss can skip this… and make you responsible if something goes wrong. Remember to check for things like these when applying for medical jobs.

In Australia, there are a lot of medical locum openings. That's why Australia attracts a lot of potential medical scientists and practitioners. If you ever wanted to live in Australia, you can search for a medical locum position. It's easy and doesn't require much thought. However, government institutions in Australia are usually willing to accept you only if you have previous experience. It is a common practice among medical students to accept medical job offers from local hospitals, and, after their contracts have expired, going abroad in pursuits of a better paid job.

We hope that this information will help you to find a proper job in no time. Always remember – although you probably won't find a medical locum job with a salary that fits your needs (you might, depends on how desperate the hospital is to find a new doctor/nurse); locum tenens is a perfect opportunity for people who have just finished medical studies. Not only you'll get your hands on a practical job, but you can get lucky and get a recommendation letter from the doctors at your locum hospital. Or even better, you can apply for a permanent position at the hospital after you've finished working there.

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Good medical locums have a variety of temporary medical jobs available for people with the right qualifications. Positions can vary from specialty jobs to general practice positions.

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