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By: Chriss Tyrrell

It's just a basic sign of the times. More people today are opting to take care of a relative or loved one in their home, rather than have them confined to a nursing home or assisted living facility. There are several reasons that are behind this growing trend and one of them is the new availability of high tech home care equipment that makes it all so possible now.

Of course the first thing that pops into most people heads is the hospital style bed. Perhaps you have memories yourself of an elderly relative using one when you were a child or a young adult, growing up. No doubt about it, this would be the centerpiece of any collection of equipment that you bring into your home as a care giver.

One thing to consider though as you look at hospital beds and the features contained in them, is that things can change abruptly when caring for an elderly person. What this means, is that just because you don't feel that some of the feature are necessary now, doesn't mean that something as simple a misstep on a set of stairs can change that in an instant.

What far too many people fail to realize is how much the quantity and quality of nursing equipment can have an effect on how smoothly and cost effective things run in their home. For instance, there is a vast array of devices and Nursing Equipment that can not only take much of the burden off of you, but also allow your patient a far greater measure of mobility and self reliance.

Mobility scooters are a prime example of this. The sad fact is that many people who now qualify for a mobility scooter, paid for by Medicare, don't even know it. However; do be aware that Medicare will only cover base level models of mobility scooters, so if you're interested in a full featured, indoor outdoor model, that will have to come out of your own pocket, regardless of your qualifications.
Items such as bed tables and light weight "rollator" walkers are incredibly cheap now as well and make getting around and meal times so much easier and pleasant. In fact, both of these items can now be easily found brand new for under $100 US. Another convenience item that you may not have thought of, is mobile communicators that can be found new far as little as $10 US.

Retrofitted residential stairway escalators, or what are commonly known now as “companion stair lifts” used to be something that only better financed care givers could only consider. People in two story homes who didn't have that kind of money had to convert the downstairs area into an ad hoc living area. However; increased demand has led to new developments that have brought the price down on what used to be considered a luxury item.

In fact there are even nursing equipment suppliers that can be contacted online that carry used “stair lifts” that can be purchased at an even greater discount. The same goes for so much of the other equipment that you need including the hospital style bed that can also be purchased used. So the bottom line is that before you head out shopping to outfit your home, do take some time to look into all that is available today.

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Chris Tyrrell writes for Care Essentials who stock medical beds and many other home nursing aids. Visit the website for more details.

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