Master Resale Rights: Great for adding value to your customers!

By: Gurcharan Singh

Many beginner entrepreneurs are successfully using e-Book resale rights to profit from. Before anyone can start to sell e-Books, they must know what types of rights are out there how to implement them. By not following guidelines and rules for these rights, a person can be penalized and fined from the authorities. You will need to recognize each and every e-Book resale right to correctly sell the product. No Rights: Products that you purchase and consume for your use only. You are not authorized to sell or give away these products, which include e-Books and software. Resale Rights: Often the best and most common type of e-Book resale right. You may sell these (or give away) and keep 100% of your profits or go to Please bear with me when I say that when you sell your product, the resell right does not transfer to your client.
This means they don’t get any rights and they can only use it for personal use. The good thing is that it’s usually very profitable for you. Although your customers don’t get the product rights, they are able to resell it to their customers, without the resale rights. Those customers can’t resell it with rights unless they return to the person who sold it to the person who sold it to them (that’s you)! Get it? How do you make money? This is achieved by adding a link in your original products so that people have a way of reaching you. Now they can buy the right from you, then sell and keep 100% of the profits. Master Resale Rights: Great for adding value to your customers. You can sell and keep 100% of your profits. Your customer acquires the resale rights and can keep 100% of the profits too, but when they sell it to their customers, they get no rights.
That means those customers (3rd level down) need to repurchase the rights from the original seller (back to level 1). Again, leave a link somewhere in your product so they can buy from you and resell to their customers for 100% profit you can visit Full Master Resale Rights: This is the easiest to understand out of each and every e-Book resale right. Everyone who purchases and sells these gets the full e-Book master resale rights. This option isn’t good for your affiliate programs because your affiliates can just buy it anywhere else and sell for 100% profits. Ensure you fill your version of the full master resale right with affiliate links so that you can make some more money from it. Please make sure you know these e-Book rights and plan ahead of time before buying and selling any e-Book resale right. If you do it right, you’ll make some good income and protect your best interests.

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