Massage Chair Review: Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair Recliner

By: James Knolan

If you have been looking for a massage chair, then finding good information to make a decision is important. Even better, finding an unbiased review of a given massage chair can be helpful. Here are 5 important categories to evaluate the total massage chair experience. This system gives equal weight to each of the 5 categories with each category having from 0 to 20. A 100 point score means the chair and the company has achieved total excellence. The 5 categories are Warranty & Customer Service, Comfort/Ergonomics, Ease of Use, Features and Massage Therapy. The discipline of a systematic approach provides for balance help those seriously considering a massage chair. The Omega Montage Elite is the subject of this review. This luxury shiatsu massage chair is in the $4,000 to $5,000 range.

Warranty & Customer Service: It is important that the manufacturer stand behind its product. A good gage of the company's confidence is its warranty coverage and duration. Omega gives covers 5 years on the frame, 3 years on parts, 3 years labor, 1 year shipping and 90 days in-home service. Omega is well above other manufacturers in this category with its parts and labor. Omega is, however, lower for the in-home service which some have increased to 1 year in-home. Customer service is competent and turnaround time on service is good. Our Rating in this category is 18.

Comfort & Ergonomics: Massage chair recliners need to be comfortable and fit the body well. The Omega Montage Elite is designed for comfort, luxury and relaxation. The massage recliner is comfortable to sit in. Omega has the first wireless remote to control most massage functions. The foot rest can be extended another 4 inches for taller individuals. In fact, people up to 6' 6" can fit in this chair very comfortably, certainly a first for massage chairs. Omega has made some important advances from a comfort and ergonomic standpoint. Overall Rating for Omega Montage Elite comfort and ergonomics and customer service is 19.

East of Use: Massage Chair manufacturers are building in more technology and features into their chairs. Users need to be able to quickly, easily and intuitively understand how to use of a product. The Montage Elite has many advanced features and many manual options. The main remote control has 5 auto programs and a wheel button for adjusting the footrest and chair back. This remote is fairly intuitive. The wireless remote is a distilled version of the main remote and is simple in design and allows for virtually all the controls of the massage. The only significant exception is the air pressure on the lower body can only be adjusted from the main remote. Like most main remotes, a side panel contains many manual controls including manual massages and adjustments to the lower body air system. The wireless remote is compact, convenient and now a must have. The Montage Elite is a 19 in Ease of Use.

Key Features: The most prominent features of the Omega Montage Elite are the Lower Body Traction and Footflex Reflexology foot massage. Omega built in a traction function to gently stretch out your lower back, hips, knees and ankles. The footrest is raised horizontally; the airside activates to hold your ankles and then lowers successively to 3 positions. As the footrest lowers your muscles and tendons are stretched throughout the lower body. The Footflex reflexology uses airbags to hold and gently squeeze your foot at the arch and the heel at your reflexology points. Omega has brought the lower body air massages up to par with the back massage technology. Omega has a thorough array of massage for the back, neck, shoulders and base of the skull. The Montage Elite is a 19 in Key Features.

Massage Therapy: The Montage Elite has 5 full body automatic massages, 4 manual massages, 4 massage speed settings and in a total combination of 64 manual massage courses. The manual massage techniques include the following: Kneading, Tapping, Finger Press, and Kneading & Tapping (Shiatsu). The Kneading and Tapping functions have independent speed controls which allows you to adjust them in combination. The lower body massage is terrific, especially with the lower body traction. Something about being massaged and stretched to relieve those tensions. Relax to the music-massage synchronization function, which will massage you to the tempo of the music. The Montage Elite massage recliner has an arsenal of massage capabilities that will please the most discriminating, simply superb. Our rating in this category is 20.

We just reviewed 5 categories ranging from warranty to features to ergonomics. How does the Omega Montage Elite Score? Based on the 5 categories the total score for the Omega Montage Elite is a 95/100. The Montage Elite provides a thorough, comprehensive and full body massage therapy. The technology and simplicity of this shiatsu massage chair is what the luxury category is all about. Omega has one of the strongest warranties providing protection for the customer. The Montage Elite has brought all elements from music to foot massage to lower body traction into a wide range of massage therapies and sensory experiences. If you are looking at a luxury class massage chair, the Montage Elite is of the strongest contenders.

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