Mass Article Control Versus Magic Article Rewriter

By: Hotty Cheril

(please notice the UDPATE at the end of this post)
Soon (or has it started already?) you’ll be reading a lot very nearly a newly released bit of article production software called Mass Article Control.
I bought it tonight and wanted to give you my initial impressions.
this isnt one of the canned promos that additional marketers will be sending out. It’s my thoughts after using it for the last hour or so.
In the video at the site, Adeel explains there are 2 article advertising models
- (1) where the main thing you like to get out of your articles is a bunch of backlinks from sites that publish your articles, and
- (2) where your objective is to motivate the readers of your articles to click the link and go via to hopefully pay money for the product you are recommending.
Your article needs to be readable and informative. So here’s how you’d use MAC (Mass Article Control). You would select individual sentences (as several or for the reason that few as you like) from your imaginative
article, and then you write several versions of individuals sentences.
Then MAC straightforwardly takes one version of each set of preferences and thus creates dozens or hundreds of unique variations of your one article.
A powerful time saver if you want to submit unique articles to several article directories, and to your site, your blog, your autoresponder series, a giveaway PDF, etc.
Note. YOU write the entire the alternative versions of each sentence or phrase. That puts the
class control in your hands. Result - it will simply generate rubbish if you write rubbish.
If you write superior preferences for the opening sentence of each paragraph, for example, you will have oodles of unique articles that every say sensible things in different ways.
Here the quality of the content may not issue so much… though individually I dont want issuing anything sub-standard with my name on it.
Okay, you can use a pseudonym or with a number of systems you dont would like to include your name at all. But still, I dont want to be mass generating junk articles.
Nevertheless one of the key things that attracted me to MassArticleControl was the video demo of the speed spinner where he took one article and created 1000 articles in seconds, every from that one artistic seed article.
But, sorry to say, it produces tripe.
Here’s what I did…
Went to his salesletter.

Copied the first 2 paragraphs.
Entered them into the software.
Clicked the “Use every part of possible keywords (F4)” button.
Allow me expose you the result - between the squiggly lines below.
(This is article #1 out of the 1000 articles
that it produced in a few seconds.)
“Still struggling to Write Articles, Submitting them to create
Traffic, and get on to money? Brand bonus equipment currently
allows you to currently build 100’s and even thousands of UNIQUE
and readable articles made known of solely lone in advanced seed
article - with solely a hardly whichever clicks of your mouse button…
And at that time be inflicted with them submitted to the top
article directories on autopilot!
Discover How Two Tough Pieces of Software with the intention of
has cost us a actual whole of $48,000 inside Development Costs Can
Support You Reach The Results You Want, By Working LESS… “
So, if you were hoping to use MAC to mass produce readable
articles with the click of one button, it wont.
However, if you are willing to spend a few minutes to rewrite, for example, the firstly sentence of each paragraph (as vigorous since using the software to carry out individual word substitution - as per the video), then this could be a great time saver for you.

Along with the article creator, they’ve packaged an article submitter which makes sense for the reason that submitting articles to the online directories is a slow and repetitive chore.
Not my favorite chore at all.
These days I havent used this one conversely but it for sure looks like a winner… one sweet part of kit. No frills. It just does the job. That is, it submits your article to these ten article directories.
Well, you can choose which sites to submit it to. One, two, three, the entire the model up to ten.
Since you’ve spun lots of unique versions, it makes sense to me to bring the bonus minute or two to submit a unique article to each directory - rather than all ten sites getting the same article.
But it for sure is FAST. You see that on the video.
If you desire to submit to 20 directories, there’s an addon you’re offered when you’ve bought the software.
I am not surprised that none of my subscribers bought it after reading this email the other day.
But if you are still looking for article generation software, you might want to commit to memory Alexandr Krulik’s Magic Article Rewriter and Spinner (or MAR, for short).
· Let’s get the NEGATIVES out of the concept first.
The sales letter for MAR is not so wonderful looking - it was written by the programmer who is not a web designer. The appearance of the software is equally unimpressive. But the big thing is… Magic Article Rewriter (MAR) works better.
UPDATED: Alexander updated his sales page and I would want to say that it is so much better. It is Neat actually!!

· Today onto the POSITIVES.
At the site (Magic Article Rewriter and Spinner), there is a list of features. I won’t rehearse them here or even comment, except to say that I think you will be impressed.
There is Also an article submitter from the same programmer so it works in sync with the rewriter. And I believe you will be offered the opportunity to pay money for it after you’ve bought the Rewriter.
(Sorry I cant be clearer very nearly that because I didnt buy the Submitter once I bought the Rewriter… so I bought the Submitter tonight after getting a refund from CB for the earlier-mentioned product.)
Read on to find out why I’m so IMPRESSED with Alexandr’s Magic Article Submitter.
1. The Submitter submits your articles to a WHOPPING 650 sites. Yes, 650.
2. The Submitter creates accounts, activates accounts and submit your articles very fast.
3. You can spin article titles, summary, body and the resource box too.
4. It will even check the statistics for your submitted articles.
5. You can even spin the keywords in your link to promote multiple keywords with one article.
6. Plus there is an option to put the spin codes in the submission box where Magic Article Submitter will automatically submit a unique and spun article to each directory, thus no duplicate content issues.
7. Creating multiple author accounts is today a breeze.
8. Selecting categories for your articles to be submitted to is as well fast.

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Result: Magic Article Rewriter and Spinner is RECOMMENDED. Magic Article Rewriter AND the Submitter profession well with Free Traffic System, which is a free service that submits your articles to independent websites all over the internet at no cost. Here’s the link to the Free Traffic System site - yes, it’s FREE and does not require the use of whichever paid software or whichever paid anything.

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