Marlin Fishing in Cabo San Lucas – How Do You Fish Marlin?

By: Greg Arizpe

When you’re in Cabo San Lucas for Marlin fishing adventure, you should know how exactly the fishing is done.

How Can Be Fishing Performed in Cabo San Lucas -

If you’re a first-timer and never gone for deep sea fishing in Cabo, you should read this post carefully beforehand. However, around 99.9% fishing in Cabo is done using trolling. However, trolling is a simple method that involves the boat pulling lines behind with lures, teasers and live bait to attract fish.

Some boats will have as much as six lines in the water simultaneously. Even some of the lines are very close to the back part of the boat and some of them are trolling dredges or teasers that are specifically designed to attract fish to the surface so that they can bite on other lines with live bait or trolling lure.

Again, you might have fished in many parts of the world or watched TV shows where the boats are anchored, lines are dropped to complete the fishing process. But this is not the case for Marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas. Even inshore fishing can be done by simply trolling. This is even the most effective way to catch fish in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

When fish bite, you will able to listen to the line scream from the drag on the wheel. It will get the crew in motion right away. Then, the mate will grab the pole and set the hook on the fish using a solid tug. After that, you will be handed a pole and you are the one on one with the fish on the line

While fishing, you may choose to stand and fight or sit in the fighting chair. In fact, the mate will help you, if you are a first-timer and might say reel and pull. Again, if you want to stand up, you can ask for a belt or harness from the crew as all the boats have them on board.

However, it’s quite difficult to know sometimes what type of fish or size is on the line. But the mate might make adjustments to set the reel and help you land the fish. When you’re on with a huge fish and don't want to keep fighting, the crew will be happy to take over or you can hand over the pole to others.

Remember, landing a fish is not a much easy task as the fish get away often. You just enjoy the fight, take your time and rest assured that the professional crew is ready to help you with your Marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas.

Most of the crews use fluorocarbon leaders – that are specially designed for offshore fishing adventure are quite similar to the ordinary fishing line and are meant to create more strikes.

When fishing in Cabo San Lucas, you can set your own hook. You just let the crew know that you would like to set your own hooks and they will set hooks to give the perfect chance to land the fish. Please keep in mind that, improper setting of the hook is the best reason for losing fish. Even seeking help from an inexperienced mate can be the reason to lose fish during or before a fight.

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