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By: Amand Seyfreid

The way you market your product has a large affect on whether or not it is going to be remembered by the general public. A few good thingsto make your product more desirable would be the colors you use, whether or not you use a jingle, and when and how you advertise.

Visual Appeal Matters

When advertising a product, color can be the determining factor between someone remembering your company and someone not thinking twice about it. Different colors are said to create different feelings within us. Yellow represents happiness and energy while red signifies love and life. Blue represents trust and calm. Make sure to use the colors that best represent your business.

A Catchy Tune Can Make all the Difference

Have you ever had one of those annoying commercial jingles stuck in your head? A catchy jingle is a great marketing tool used for all sorts of products and services. It leaves the potential buyer with the thought of your company lodged in their mind. They may not even realize it at first, but after hearing the song a few times, they'll catch themselves singing it. It's a remarkable way to subconsciously keep your product on their minds.

Standing out Above the Rest

An eye catching logo is important to any business. It's the first thing a potential customer sees when walking into your office and the last thing they see when watching your commercial. Either way, it sticks in their mind. A logo must include your businessname and any important information regarding it. You don't want to flood the customer with too much information though. Nobody wants to stand and read your logo before entering your establishment and they won't have time to read a whole lot at the end of a commercial. Finding an interesting way to incorporate a picture into your company name will also attract attention. People think "Hey, neat!" and remember your logo. Bright colors are also a good eye catcher. Someone driving down the street will notice your sign if it stands out among its surroundings. The logo should be easy to read from a moving vehicle, giving the driver enough time to locate your facility? If a person can't make out what your sign says, they will have passed your building before even realizing you are there.

Reaching the Right People

If your company is making commercials, it is important to market your product or service to the right consumer. Think about who you are trying to attract to your business. For example, if selling a children's toy, you will probably want your commercial shown in the morning, during kid's shows. When appealing to an older audience, you may want to advertise during prime time. If you are selling a chat line, you'd want to advertise in the middle of the night when the lonely people are sitting up watching television. Mid day is when you'd want to advertise to older folks as a lot of them are retired and at home.

The channel on which you advertise can also be a big part of how you reach your audience. If you are selling a hunting rifle, you wouldn't want to be advertising to children on the children's channels. You'd be more well-suited advertising on an animal or hunting channel. If you're promoting a daycare, you'd want to advertise on the children's channel or on a major network where parents are watching when they get home from work.

Marketing your product the right way is one of the most important ways for you to get it out to the public. If you don't advertise well, people will not take the time to figure out what your company is all about. A good advertisement has to be informative, eye catching, and given to the correct market. Keep these tips in mind when you're opening or remodeling your company and you're sure to thrive.

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