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By: Mel Joelle

Traditional marketing campaigns involve conventional mediums like television, newspapers, radio and magazines. Before launching an advertisement, you should consider the marketing metrics that will determine if the ad is successful or not.

What is the Circulation?

The most important aspect of an ad is the circulation. Whether it is a print ad or a television commercial, you need to know how many potential customers the ad will reach. Circulation measures the audience that you are communicating with. This includes all the newspaper readers, TV viewers and radio listeners that are exposed to your ad.

How Big Is It?

Determining the scale of your ad is essential before the ad is launched. You should identify how much attention the ad will receive based on the size. Does the ad fill an entire page in the newspaper or just a small corner? Is the length of the radio commercial closer to 5 seconds or 30? When it comes to traditional advertising methods, size definitely matters.

How Targeted Is It?

Advertising is virtually pointless if it does not target a specific audience. An ad should focus on a desired reader or listener so that of the people that view or hear your ad, most are already interested in the products or services you offer. If a TV commercial for toys comes on at 10pm, the children that this ad should be targeting are probably asleep.

How Much Is It?

The circulation, size and targeted audience of an ad all contribute to what it will cost you to launch it. Media outlets will determine the price for an ad based on these factors. Advertising costs shouldn’t outweigh the projected earnings that will result from the ad.

After the Launch

The major marketing metric that is measured after the launch of an ad is the return on investment (ROI). This accounts for the revenue you earn due to the exposure of the ad. Your ad should contain a call to action that encourages contact and interaction. The conversions for your ad could include a phone call, subscription or visit to your website.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing and traditional marketing campaigns have similar metrics. When you advertise on Google, the same factors are important. In this situation, circulation is search volume; mechanisms for targeting consumers are banner ads, pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO); and the size of the ad has everything to do with relevance. Since there is more noise online, users have more options. This means that your online ad needs to be as targeted and relevant as possible.


You can use Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your TV, Print or Online advertisement. This is done by tracking the activity of visitors to your site. This would allow you to view the number of visitors to your site, the length of their visit and the conversion rate.

It’s essential to be able to calculate the return on any advertisement medium. Without this information, you are just wasting your money. We can calculate your ROI for any marketing medium including TV, Print, Billboard or online. Contact us today!

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