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By: Red Kite Solutions

It is no longer good enough for you to be good at what you do. You really should understand cash flow, you really should know where your customers are coming from and how they found you. You should know what your average profit per customer is and how much you have to spent to get them in the door. I have been in business many years and I have tried most things. Loving innovation and change I lap up books on how to..... How to start a business, how to manage your accounts, how to sell, how to market your services. And this is continually changing so you need to keep up to date.

All this is of course in addition to keeping abreast with the latest goings on within your business sector. If you can't sell - you're doomed! Let me clarify, if you are a one man band or can not afford to hire someone in with sales experience you are doomed. How many people in business just expect people to come to their door? It just doesn't happen as much today. My God, even the prostitutes are advertising! Here is some Free advice if you're interested on marketing your business. Ask yourself, how many ways are there to market and promote my business? Write them down. Things like TV may be far too expensive so you can cross them off your list for now. But what about the others? What about radio - quite expensive with diminishing audiences that would have to listen at specific times of day to hear your 4 times a day ad. What about paper advertising. Now I would say this depends on your business. Emergency service like 24 hour plumbers and electricians may do well from these. But again for the majority of us you have to appear in front of the reader when they are in buying mode. You have to be in front of a prospective client when they are in buying mode.

That should trim down a few advertising mediums. Think now about the internet, or rather Google. Nowadays people "Google it" don't they? I know I was looking for a 6 panel internal door and Google was where I went to check prices and local stockists. And I bought one after ringing a local supplier. If you are not on Google your business is Doomed! Bill Gates said if you don’t have a website, you very soon won't have a business. The world has become more focused since then. Since 93% of all searches in the UK are done on Google, you have to be there or you are Doomed! Actually its much worse than that. You see Googles first page gets about 94% of all the clicks. So all the other thousands of pages are fighting over 6%. So the hard reality of it all is, if you are not on the first page of Google your business is doomed.

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Duncan Malloch is an entrepreneur and an investor. Since 1978 he has had a keen interest in electronics, computers and the web. Since 2000 he has been quite heavily involved in business and has built up a great understanding of how it and how money works. When the financial collapse came he set up Red Kite Solutions to help local businesses get their fair share of that Google market. You too can tap into this huge resource at has applied his knowledge and understanding to a wide variety of website marketing and business promotion.

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