Maritime Piracy- Things to Know

By: Shyam Paliwal

Maritime piracy, one of the most notorious crimes of the recent times. Sea pirates active in some areas around the world have already hijacked hundreds of vessels and cargos bringing deep concerns for the authorities to take concrete steps to combat such untoward incidents. There are many places around the world where maritime piracy is quite rampant. But no place exceeds the amount of crime that is executed on the Gulf of Aden and along the shores of Somalia. The Somali pirates are ruthless and brutal. They are the ones who are in news on a regular basis for hijacking cargos, containers and vessels that sail through the stretch of Gulf of Aden. The Somali pirates are armed men who kidnap the crew for huge ransoms or even kill them.

Due to these rampant and ruthless operations conducted by the Somali rebels every now and them, the vessels and cargo owners are depending more on the maritime security companies than even before. Maritime security has become a must for those vessels that passes through the Gulf of Aden. Even the Maritime piracy insurance companies are giving discounts on their insurance rates to those who are buying up the maritime security services.

Although the maritime security would not be able to stop the maritime crime completely, but they definitely help the vessels and its crew to avoid contact and confrontations with the pirates. The various training sessions by the maritime security companies and their useful tips are helping the crews to take better control of these situations quite well now. Maritime software and updated shipping news comes as a great help for those who sails through the Gulf of Aden.

The Somali piracy solution has become a big issue in the recent times and various countries like the United States and others have passed or amended their maritime security laws to combat the Somali rebels and reduce the huge amount of commercial losses. In the year 2008 alone, there have been reported maritime attacks of more than one hundred in the Gulf of Aden.

The Somali pirates attacks with arms and kills ruthlessly or asks for huge ransoms against kidnapping the crews of the vessels. More than a dozen of countries around the world have been greatly affected by these reported attacks and they have passed anti piracy maritime laws in order to curb the rebels incurring more losses on their trade and finance.

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