Marijuana Seeds

By: Richard A Philips

There are many types of Marijuana Seeds that are available to the public. Many people order marijuana seeds without knowing the different types that are available. When a grower does this many times he or she ends up with plants that do not suit them.

This article is conceived in the hopes of possibly offering some information so that when ordering marijuana seeds you end up with a marijuana plant that you will be happy with.

Indica Marijuana Seeds

Indica Marijuana Plants are generally short and stout plants with big yields. These plants have wide fingers on their leaves. There are many benefits to growing out Indica Marijuana Seeds. Indica plants have shorter flower periods, generally around 8 weeks or less. The effects of Indica's are much more relaxing that Sativa plants in comparison. Many people realize a great deal of medical relief and curing when using marijuana that comes from a Indica plant.

Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Sativa Marijuana Plants are in a class all of their own. Plants grown from sativa marijuana seeds tend to be much taller than Indica's. Sativa's as well take a great deal more time in the flower. Some Sativa's can go as long as 13 weeks in the flower period to become mature. This can be a deterrent for many growers. The effects of sativa marijuana plants are of the up lifting variety! Many marijuana users that have grown plants from Sativa Marijuana Seeds say they can go out and mow the yard after using it.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds are produced by treating plants with a chemical that makes all the seeds female. This can be a real boost when a grower does not want to gamble on how many females they would get in a pack of seeds. When wanting to grow a designated amount of female marijuana plants feminized marijuana seeds are the way to go. Feminized seeds cost more than regular run seeds do, but in the right situation the additional cost is far outweighed by the number of usable female plants.

One last note this writer would like to convey is do not go with the most inexpensive Marijuana Seeds available. You do get what you pay for! High quality marijuana seeds take time to develop and the breeders deserve to be compensated for their hard work.

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