Many Creative Uses of Recycled Plastics

By: Stela Smith

Issues like environment conservation and global warming are fast catching up amongst people from around the world. Due to this, many efforts are being made by today's generation to preserve the environment from damage in every possible way to make the Mother Earth a livable place for future generations. One such way is to use recyclable products.

Plastic has a very widespread use in every field and because of its light and durable features it is considered to be one of the most useful materials for packaging. On the other hand, the main disadvantage of using plastic is that the waste created by it is difficult to dispose of and which apparently is the main cause of soil pollution.

Don't worry! The good news is that the negative effects of plastic can be minimized by recycling them. Recycled plastics have its applications in many fields and can be used creatively to produce many products. Here we will discuss the various creative uses of recycled plastics.

Recycled plastic is the favored material used by many companies to manufacture outdoor furniture like picnic tables, garden furniture, patio furniture, bike racks, outdoor trash cans and many more similar products.These furniture items are designed in such a way that they look like wood but are actually made of recycled plastics.

Plastic bottles and containers can be recycled to use as household products. For example, yogurt containers can be used as toothbrush holders, pen holders; plastics used in soda bottles can be recycled for making rugs, door mats and carpets. Plastic bottle caps can be used for making toys, spinning tops, fridge magnets, handmade soap dish, etc. Old plastic bags can be used as trash can liners instead of buying new ones. Different colored plastic bags can be hand knitted and stitched together to create contemporary art works and hand bags.

Plastic is highly durable and requires zero maintenance. It is vandal resistant and suitable for all climates. For all these reasons and to provide a good value for money, many public authorities recycle plastic to make walkways, crowd control barriers, safety bollard, signage, fencing, bridges and street furniture like park benches, memorial benches and so on.

In construction sites, recycled plastic is used for flooring, insulation, system ducting and drainage pipes.You can cut off the tops of plastic bottles to use as garden funnels or containers to grow small plants. Many people are famous for making jewelry made from used plastic materials. Many shoe designers make use of plastics to create unique shoe designs. For this, they fuse together multiple layers of plastic to give strength and flexibility. For making your walking a comfortable experience, they line the interior of the shoe with a quilted cotton fabric.

If you love wearing bangles but are tired of wearing the same old ones and are low on budget for buying new ones, you can give your bangles a new look by using plastics. Take your old bangles and wrap them up with different bright colored plastic bags.

You can search the internet to get many more ideas for making and using eco-friendly products made of recycled plastics. This can be your bit towards saving the environment.

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