Manqabat marks its own artistry

By: Adeelzaidi

Urdu language has many colors attached to it. This beautiful language has a very wide span over the world of itself. Urdu language is the most beautiful language in the world with lots of collection of poetries, songs and a treasure of great people attached with it. All the famous art work marks its treasure to this language. Marking its beauty from the centuries this language still holds its beauty and literature all over the globe.

Though this language has many forms, where each form has its own beauty and meaning attached with it. Be it is a ‘Poem’ or a ‘Naat’, a ‘Nazm’ or a ‘Shayari’ all are defined so well that the words dissolve in the hearts of the people who listens it. This language with its rich literature creates the pearls in the ocean of literature worldwide. Urdu poetry is written by many famous Urdu poets of history and even present and it is diverse into many different forms and is being sung all over the world.

Manqabat is also one of the forms of the Urdu poetry. It is a poem written in Urdu in the praise of Imam Ali a.s, who is the son in law of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. This is a Sufi devotional poem written in the praise of a Sufi saint where the poet expresses his views in the form of poetry. Each lyric of it has a deep meaning attached to it and the rich literature of the language makes it more beautiful to listen.

Manqabat keep its own fascination, where love, devotion and praise being the central themes of it. Its lyric are very soft and touches the hearts of all who listens to it as the written words has a lot of effect on the person ears. With each phrase of it being well dissolved in the lines of the poetry, develops a very beautiful meaning and the one who hears it feels its depth and charm.

Manaqabat are sung like a song with little of music played along with it. The way it is sung also adds grace to it as the famous poets describe it so melodiously that it touches the heart of all. The poetic diction of the Manqabat makes it elegant that along with the words, sound and the underlying meaning of the words is also very well understood. It is sung very loudly and forcefully, with singer extending their chest voice to much higher pitch than other singings, even though this usually causes a noisy or strained sound than would be acceptable in the West and rest of the world.

Manqabat written in the praise of Sufi saints are generally sung at the ‘Urs’, ‘Jashan’, or ‘Jalsa’ a religious gatherings. It has become the part of both Shia and Sunni religious gatherings today. These are sung by famous Urdu singers in the huge gatherings which attract many listeners to it. Manqabat has been performed by many famous singers and Qawwals of the past like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, Fareed Avaz and more. A well defined literature along with the right poetic diction it has become the best form of poetry for all the Urdu lovers today around the world. Look out the website for the collection of famous work

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