Manipulating Metabolism

By: Sarah Carlye

Metabolism can be manipulated to aid in weight loss. Metabolism is a balancing act that involves two kinds of activities that are occurring at the same time.

1. Anabolism-the building up of body tissues and energy stores

2. Catabolism-the breaking down of body tissues and energy stores to generate more fuel for body functions.

When the body adjusts to the amount of calories that it consumes regularly, it affects metabolism. Organisms are designed to survive. When a person eats so little that the body interprets a risk of starvation, it will slow the metabolism. This change will allow more time to locate food and delay death from starvation. This survival mechanism explains the lack of weight loss in people who eat very little.

Weight loss and weight gain is not just about how many calories that are consumed. Your metabolic rate will affect your weight and there are three factors that will affect your metabolic rate (the amount of calories your body burns daily).

1. The basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is the rate your body uses energy for vital body processes like breathing, pumping blood, etc.
2. The rate you burn energy during physical activity
3. The rate you use energy during digestion of food

To improve your metabolic efficiency and improve how you look and feel, some simple changes in food intake and exercise will be needed. There are foods that will speed up metabolism. The affects of exercise, like walking, last past the completion of the exercise, because the body continues to burn energy at a higher level after the exercise has ended. Walking in the Stepgym shoe will increase metabolism because more energy is used with each step than in traditional walking shoes.

Some changes in eating that can increase metabolism:

• Eating breakfast will speed up your metabolism. During the night your metabolism slows down due to inactivity and no food. When you don’t eat breakfast you will find your metabolism continues in a slow mode. Once breakfast is eaten and activity begins, your metabolism will speed up.
• Don’t eat in the evening. Your body is preparing to rest so your metabolism begins to slow. When you do eat late in the evening choose low calorie and low fat foods.
• Eat foods that will speed up metabolism like fish, dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, blueberries, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, high protein foods, milk and other high calcium foods

The reason these foods will speed up metabolism is because it takes a lot of energy to digest. Even adding a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day will also speed up metabolism.
During digestion, carbohydrates and fat are broken down before protein. If it is not needed it is stored in the body (fat) to be used later during physical activity for energy. Increasing physical activity will also increase your metabolism along with wise and healthy food choices. Adding walking to your daily routine is a simple way to increasing metabolism.

Walking in the Stepgym shoe increases calorie burning because the Stepgym shoe is scientifically designed to increase the amount of energy is used in every step.

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