Managing PPCs - Old and New

By: Kirt Christensen

In times past there was no trouble getting an upper position in those highly searched, general keywords like 'china', 'business', 'running' and 'headache' for a nickel a click. When you did a search on Google for one of those terms, you would get only 1 or 2 results, indicating to you that you could bid a minimum price for your clicks.

The only problem was that an advertiser would have difficulty getting those non-specific terms to convert to sales. If a searcher entered in one of those terms like 'business' the idea that compelled him to use that term might have stemmed from a broad spectrum of topics. The likelihood of his clicking on your ad was small and the likelihood of him making a purchase was even smaller.

Since that time, there have been changes in the ways to manage PPC. No longer is there a minimum CTR, so keeping your clicks up is a non-issue. Also advertisers have gotten more savvy in the past year or two and are able to make these general terms become opportunities to market lucrative information.

So currently it is worth the effort to put bids on the highly searched, general keywords. The question is how do I make them work?

Here is how to do it:

Change your ads until you find a winner. Make copy changes and run trials, then more trials. This can be a lengthy process with plenty of failures but the victories will come if you will be willing to try and try again until you get a winner.

Use negative keyword to your advantage.

Include statements in your ad that disqualify people you don't want. If you offer "Free Golf Instruction" in your ad, you may get riff-raff that you may not want. If you offer a "$49 Golf Video" you'll get people who will seriously consider purchasing it, and few others.

Fully utilize the clicks you pay for. Offer not only merchandise, but also information. Have a landing page where you can gather opt-ins, and offerings of free guides, tutorials, or e-courses of some type. This will make you into an information source, and make your customers stick with you and make your visitor value rise. Then those broad clicks will be worth paying for.

New Concepts of PPC Management

The keywords on your list each have their own market.

The outlooks of the people searching are represented by the keywords in your list.

Behind everything explicit that your customers type in when they're searching, there's some want, need, question, or assumption, they have (but may be completely unaware of).

- Keyword markets vary, some are larger and some are smaller.

- Some keyword markets are more competitive than others.

- Some keyword markets produce more dividends for the winners than others.

- Some keywords will have an overabundance of competitors making the bid prices above market value and unrealistically high.

On the other hand there will be some keywords that, though they make up a better more reactive market, and are available using good keyword tools, are generally neglected.

You sell when you match that implicit conversation that your customers have with themselves.

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