Management Retreats - Blueprinting An Effective Retreat

By: Mark Cohen

There is no other way than organizing a retreat for your management executives to boost the performance of your staff and company. Neither a break from work nor a pretext to workout at the gym will help invigorate or motivate your core team for realization of business goals. For management retreats to be successful, it's important to invest quality time and energy. If conducted precisely, it helps your executives to make better decisions to move your corporation to an enhanced level. Whatever might be the size of your organization, the primary focus should be to bring the key team together for making a clever business move.

Team building retreats will help you plan strategically and focused while making crucial corporate decisions. This way, a company is able to guarantee customer loyalty, boost sales, enhance performance and drive growth. In this article, we are going to learn about planning an effective retreat.

Have strong goals

This is the first and foremost step towards the success of management retreats. You need to be completely sure as to what your organization wishes to accomplish. Focus on two primary questions:

  • What activities and learning methods need to be incorporated for making it a real success?

  • What topics, subjects, or issues that need to be discussed and analyzed?

Once you have the answers for the questions above, half of your task is already done.

Strong Focus on Agenda

The agenda should be tightly focused so that not more than 3 topics are considered at a time. If there is a critical issue at hand, then take up that one first, keeping the others aside. So, the moral of the story is prioritizing. It's no point discussing too many concepts at the same time leaving you with no positive outcomes.

Find the Right People

In order to make such platforms of discussion fruitful, include the right people to form a group. It is important to note that this is not a popular contest or game to please people. Without the formation of a right group, the result will not be productive. You have to be careful as to which of the executives, managers or assistant managers should be part of the team. For better results, you can include competent managers and a few performing employees. Ensure that the managers who are part of the group have great leadership skills and are knowledgeable about significant issues that need attention.

Provide Quality Material

For making it a success, distribute copies of a quality corporate book, or an article to enlighten the participants about the latest and upcoming trends in the industry. Look for articles and publications dealing with topics such as sales strategies, marketing tactics, or employee satisfaction and retention. Or, it can be any other topic that's important for your type of business. The members will read up and share what they have learnt in the process and how to implement the same.

Keep It Simple

The success of a forum retreat depends on the fact how simple and cost effective it is. It's not money that decides the fate of such meetings, but the choice of topics and the manner in which they are discussed.

To conclude, it can be said that such meetings should be fixed at a quiet and secluded venue away from the hustle and bustle of daily business operations. This is the key to staying focused.

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Mark Cohen has been an organizational head for the past twenty years and he well understands the essence of management retreats and team building retreats to make companies grow and develop with maximum potential.

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