Making the Most of a Walk

By: Sarah Carlye

There are many ways that someone walking for fitness can make the most of walking. It can be walking in a fitness shoe or adding some ankle weights. Current times have created an environment where people have a lot to do and not much time to do it. Making the most of every step when walking to loose weight or to keep fit minimizes the time needed to walk.

Here are some of the ways to use your time walking efficiently and make the most out of every step:


You will use a certain set of muscles with your everyday walking pace and stride. Walking faster than you usually do will work out muscles differently. It can also increase heart rate and breathing to improve fitness. Increasing the walking pace will also burn more calories.


Fitness shoes stimulate muscles that arenÂ’t used when walking during the normal daily routine. Wearing a shoe like the Stepgym, Sketchers, or Curves stimulates muscles to work harder without changing pace, increasing steps, or using a different stride. This burns more calories and firms the muscles faster.


If there are any doubts that ankle weights will make a difference in muscle tone when walking, your doubts will be gone after the first day of using them. The increased weight will be noticed quickly and your leg muscles may even be sore the next day if you do a lot of walking.


Changing your walking stride will have more affect than you realize. Start with experimenting with different strides. Some of the ways to change your stride include taking wider or narrower steps and lengthening or shortening your steps. As you change where you put your foot when taking steps, you will feel different muscles being used. If your inner thigh needs more work use a stride that works that muscle.


Walking is often about fitness and weight loss, but it can also be about mental health. Hormones are released during exercise that can contribute to mental health. Make the most of the walk and take a break from thinking about problems and sources of stress, there is plenty of time to do that when you get back from a walk.

You can find out more at about how a fitness shoe increases weight loss, tone, and fitness so you can see if you want to use a fitness shoe to make the most of your time walking. You can also buy the Stepgym fitness toning shoe from their website.

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