Making the Most of Digital Printing

By: Lyndon Thomas

In recent years, digital printing has become one of the most popular forms of printing. The popularity of digital printing is due to the fact that it is widely available, relatively cost-effective to carry out and gives high-quality results.

Digital printing can be used to convey a number of different messages for different purposes and is used widely across the world to produce various types of printed communication material.

The process of digital printing itself is explored below, alongside some examples of how the process can be used to generate engaging communications that drive real results.

The digital printing process

Digital printing has been around for a number of years. The steps behind this method involve using a digital image to print directly from a source such as a desktop publishing programme. There are fewer steps to the digital printing process than there are to other forms of printing, such as screenprinting, which is manual and craft-based. This makes digital printing more efficient. Digital printing jobs can often be turned around quickly, which has added to the popularity of this type of printing.

Practical uses for digital printing

Digital printing can be used to produce an almost unlimited array of printed documents. Some of the most popular formats are explored below.

Poster printing

Many businesses and organisations create posters using digital printing. Posters are eye-catching and are a great way to advertise high-level messages, such as the start of a sale or an upcoming concert. Once printed, posters are then usually distributed around a chosen area to target a specific audience.

Flyer printing

Flyers are one of the main ways that organisations connect with the public. Restaurants and takeaways in particular use printed flyers to distribute menus and offer coupons. Flyers are an ideal way to communicate more detailed information to an audience than could be conveyed on things like posters, as flyers can be taken away and read at leisure.

Brochure printing

Brochures can be easily produced using digital printing. This means that companies can effortlessly produce full-colour, professional looking brochures with the help of a printing company. Brochures are a staple communication tool for organisations like hotels or estate agents and are known to be an effective way of generating custom.

Business card printing

Anyone who has spent any time networking knows the importance of having a professionally printed business card. Digital printing makes it easy to achieve a professional finish for business cards.

Professional and academic documents

Many people opt for digital printing to produce official, professional or academic documents such as white papers or dissertations, because of the professional finish. When combined with binding, this gives documents a superior look and feel than that achieved by simply printing these at home or in the office.

The popularity of digital printing looks set to continue over the coming years. Anyone thinking of producing materials such as posters, flyers, brochures, documents or business cards would be advised to choose digital printing for its time- and money-saving qualities.

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The author has worked in the print industry for over 30 years. Lyndon spent much of that time working in Australia, before returning to the UK several years ago where he worked as a print manager for a UK design agency. Lyndon writes for Minuteman Press UK; a printing franchise organisation that offers a variety of printing services, including digital printing.

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