Making Your Own Perfume

By: Sebastian Daniel

If you want to have a perfume business but youíre not sure how to go about it, fear not because it is generally easy to make customized perfumes. Lots of people love homemade or customized perfumes because these often come in cheaper prices and we all know how everyone loves discounts, particularly discount perfumes. To know more about how you can go about making your own perfume, check out the following tips you may find useful.
1. Know what perfume you want to make. One of the first factors to consider is the kind of perfume you want to make and which market you want to target. Do you want a general everyday office wear scent? Do you prefer a sexy night-out perfume for the ladies? Perhaps a strong masculine scent for the men? Or do you want to make it sweet and trendy for the hip, young market? Remember that scents differ in their effects. Some induce calm and reduce stress, while some are made to rejuvenate. Some are made to seduce while some are just designed to refresh. Once youíre sure of the scent or scents you want your discount perfume to have, you can go ahead and proceed to the actual perfume making process.
2. Determine and prepare the ingredients. After youíve chosen the kind of scent you want to make, itís time to research on the ingredients needed to achieve that particular smell. Do your research and look for the best possible combinations. There are a lot of options you can choose from, such as patchouli, rose, and others. Of course, the key ingredients include alcohol and fixatives. The best alcohol to use is one with great concentrations of ethyl alcohol. Fixatives meanwhile prolong the strength of a fragrance and hamper the rate of evaporation of a perfume. Among the usual fixatives are vanilla and sandalwood. Most of the key ingredients used in making discount perfumes can be bought at health stores or specialty stores. If you want a special ingredient thatís hard to find in your area, you can search on the Internet and have it delivered right to your house.
3. Use the best oils. The strength of a perfume depends on the percentage of essential oils that are diluted in alcohol and distilled water. Use droppers to allocate how many drops of oil you want to add. The more essential oils you use, the stronger the smell. But remember to use essential oils than fragrance oils because essential oils are natural and fragrance oils are synthetic. Also, use a base that will not degrade quickly, like jojoba oil or sweet almond oil, both of which are odorless.
4. Choose the best equipment. The equipment and tools you use in making discount perfume can also affect the way it will turn out. For instance, it is better to use glass containers when mixing and storing perfumes because glass does not react with the ingredients.

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