Make your skin free from skin tags using effective treatment methods

By: Singh Deep

Skin tags are very and benign growths that look like a hanging piece on the soft skin. A skin tag is called as a harmless growth on the skin which looks very ugly on the face, neck and head. People are prone to the tags that are overweight or increased weight. It is found in males and females both equally and may appear in any kinds of races in the world. People who are suffering from the obesity and being moderately overweight have higher risks of gaining skin tag. Women with larger breasts are also prone to developing the tags under their breasts. The skin tag is medically termed as an accordion.

Skin Tags Treatment :

Most of the skin tag go away by their own as tags are usually do not have any treatment, as they go away by rubbing of the body. Deciding not to have treatment is always a reasonable option if the growths are not troublesome, it is better to treat it with some useful home remedies. Some of the famous medical and home treatments are like tying off the tag at the narrow base with a string or dental floss, freezing the tag with liquid nitrogen and burning tag using an electric cautery or Hyfrecator. The tag can also be removed with scissors, but a patient must consult a doctor to remove tags from scissors.

Generally, small tags are removed without anesthesia, while larger tags need some local anesthesia. For a large number of tags, specialist uses a topical anesthesia cream like Betacaine cream prior to the surgery procedure. Small tags unexpectedly fall off painlessly and while most of the tags do not fall off on their own and may persist for a long time once formed.

The surgical procedures are the most effective treatment for Skin Tag which is administered with or without anesthesia and are executed by experienced specialists who perform the procedures with minimal discomfort. When surgery is applied, then minor bleeding may be expected. But with a freezing procedure with liquid nitrogen, the tag may require a short time to fall off and have a risk of discoloration of the outer layer of the body.

Summary :

Skin tag are the harmless growth on the body which is usually projected from the surrounding areas of the skin to form a stalk like structure called as a tag. It is usually seen as the flesh colored tissues which can be treated permanently with the surgical methods.

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