Make sure the organic clothing you buy is GOTS certified

By: Adrian Rocker

Do not pay those extra bucks for just about any ‘organic’ fibre. Make sure that the fibre used in the organic clothing you buy is GOTS certified. Look for the GOTS logo on your product label before you make a purchase. Colourful organic clothes might capture your attention but they may not be as ‘organic’ as they seem. A lot of toxic and harmful chemicals in the dyes may harm you and your little ones.

GOTS certification is obtained by a product if they meet the international standards for production and manufacturing of organic fibre. These standards take into account a complete eco-friendly and sustainable procedure for the production and manufacture of organic textiles in the form of clothing, linen, home apparel, etc. at every level; it is ensured that complete environmental and social responsibility is taken care of. A GOTS certified fibre must be cultivated using minimum insecticides and pesticides. Natural methods for elimination of pests must be used to ensure no accumulation of harmful chemicals in the soil or eventual mixing with the underground water table. These methods are beneficial for the environment and the farmers who follow these norms as they are also kept away from these toxic chemicals.

A GOTS certified product will have been cultivated using natural and eco-friendly methods and materials and thus be socially more acceptable. Organic farming ensures crop-rotation and hence the farmers will not have to depend on the market for a particular crop only for their livelihood. The ILO laws and norms are also taken into account. The entire process of cultivation, processing and manufacturing must be using sustainable means like waste water treatment and methods to minimise wastage. Any company which is participating in the GOTS certification scheme must go through an on-site auditing and residual testing. Quality assurance is brought about by these methods as they ensure the entire textile supply chain is abiding by the norms.

The advantage of a GOTS certified product is that it is healthy, both for the consumer and the producer. Also, it is traceable and quality is assured. In case of colourful organic clothes, one needs to be sure no harmful dyes have been used. A GOTS certification ensures that all chemical inputs in the processing of the fibre are bio-degradable and are not toxin heavy. It is ensured that no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or their enzymes are used and the bleaches used are oxygen based and not chlorine-based. These standards ensure that the colourful organic clothes you buy are actually ‘organic’ in the true sense of the word.

There can be two kinds of labels on the colourful organic clothes you buy: grade 1 label which says ‘organic’ or grade 2 which says “made from x% organic”. The grade 1 label can be used if the product has minimum 95% organic material and the grade 2 label is for those products which have at least 70% organic material. A GOTS certified product will not have a mix of the organic and the non-organic counterpart of the same fibre in the product.

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Be sure that your colourful organic clothes do not contain carcinogenic toxic dyes and other harmful chemicals. Always opt for a GOTS certified brand when it comes to organic textiles.

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