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By: Henry Fuol

Suppose you are in an island producing the best fish items or the best hand woven dress material in the whole of the country. You hoped to make a fortune for yourself through your art. Over the years you have created you products everyday and waited for customers. Once or twice in a month you got customers and were happy to serve them with your excellent products and services. Though it did not make much business sense, still you kept on doing what you love to do best and waited for the customers. You were sure people loved fish preparations or the hand woven linen. Why they did not turn up was a mystery to you.

Yes you were right when you say that there were a lot many people out there who wanted your products and services and were in a position to pay for that. In the language of economics what is called is that there were demand for the services and the products that you offered. The issue, however, here was that the customers did not know that the products and the services that they required and was in a position to pay for at all existed and could be acquired. Only those who got there by chance could avail of your superior services and products. So the fate of your business was left to chance rather than proactive initiative.

This could have been changed by the use of proactive advertisement and marketing efforts. What about a billboard in the city with the photographs of the varieties of delicious fish items that you cook using roasted coconut and banana leaves. Anyone who will pass through the road on foot or on a vehicle will get to see that and come to know of your place and offering. They’ll get in touch with you and come down to your place with friends and family for sumptuous dining experience.

How about a website showing handsome men and young ladies draped in your hand woven linen. Whenever these people in search of premium quality hand woven linen will throw a search in the search engines will get to know about your offers. The bright linen will definitely encourage several of your prospective customers to beeline in front of your place.

So, you not only changed your fate, you also acquired the power of controlling it.

So when you want to take proactive actions in creating your profits and own success story do not have to leave it on fate.

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