Make a prank call or send a spoof sms and enjoy the fun

By: alisonreid29

Why is Halloween such a loved custom in the entire country? It is loved because you have the license to be naughty on this particular night. No one minds (or they donít say anything even if they mind) when you scare the daylights out of them. There are ways you can have a lot of fun with your friends. Making a prank call or sending a spoof sms are harmless practical jokes that you can play with your friends. And all you need is an app that you can download from the Google Play Store.

To make a prank call, you first need to enter the number where you want to send it. The number needs to be entered in the international format because the call made is international. There is a cost associated with each call that you can find out in the app. There are many prank call scenarios that you can choose and a pre-recorded call will be made to the number that you chose.

If you want to make sure that you chose the right call to be played as prank, there is the functionality for listening to the call beforehand. If you are not happy with the call, you can choose another one. These calls are chosen at random and you can continue to change till the time you donít think that it is funny enough. An added functionality of making such a prank call is that you can record it and listen to it later on.

The way you can send a spoof sms works in more or less the same manner. Here also you need to enter the recipientís number in the international call format. Now type the sms that you want to be sent. Try and write a really funny spoof sms that the recipient is going to enjoy. To find out some of the funniest sms-s, use the internet and you will not lack in the number of options available. Just make sure that you adhere to the number of characters. You will be aware that a standard sms consists of 160 characters and stick to this number. Otherwise the sms will be sent in two parts and the fun element may just go missing.

Text messages have this irritating habit of not getting delivered, especially the international ones. To make sure that you spoof sms gets delivered, send it to your own number first. If you receive it, you can be more or less assured that it will get delivered to the intended recipient.

Keep in mind that a prank call or a spoof sms may spook someone. So, make sure that you use these services for having fun. Itís a good idea to call up the recipient to find out if they got spooked. If you use these services for scaring someone, you could get it back one day. After all, everyone has access to these apps and services these days. Keep these activities fun for the benefit of everyone.

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You can use an app to make a prank call or to make a spoof sms. It is total fun till the time you keep it funny.

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