Make Your New Years Goals Count


!p>The season has arrived. It is time to put all of your procrastinating to an end and finally make your list of New Years Resolutions. Whether you are hoping to stop smoking or stick to your diet, people worldwide are focusing on their changes and goals for 2009. New Years resolutions usually adhere to the betterment of self. Trying to drop that last 15 pounds, exercizing, and even income goals are usually on almost everyoneís list. This year; however, sparks an unusual twist on the betterment of ones health and appearance. Polls are now reporting an increase in the number of people using wrinkle cream to achieve their goals of a younger looking face. One of the more intriguing aspects of this years goals is how many people are using wrinkle creams as a supplement in an attempt to quit smoking. As most of us know, smoking is very bad to the health of our skin, increasing most of the signs of aging. This year many people are using wrinkle creams to help them visualize the progress they are making in breaking their habit. Visualizing the reduction of wrinkles as well as other signs of aging, consumers are reporting an increased ability to eliminate their smoking. Wrinkle Cream manufacturers have naturally endorsed this new aid in the battle against smoking. Not only is the increase of sales {{pleasant|nice}}}, but it is this type of out of the box thinking that may help some people quit that would otherwise not succeed. There has even been talk of combining marketing efforts with some of the most popular quitting smoking aids. Advertising executives guess that by combining wrinkle creams with certain anti smoking gums, patches, etc. not only can marketing expenses be reduced but companies can take advantage of this growing trend. While most of us could really care less what the manufactures are capitalizing upon, we do care about the health of our peers. In a day and age when excersize and health are paramount, we should celebrate every stride that society takes to increase its well being. Healthy living, both physically and mentally directly impacts not only our self confidence, but our relationships and even our jobs. The more we learn about wellness the more we learn about ourselves and why we act the way we do. So this new years donít just make a promise with menial ambitions, dare to make amazing strides. Affect not only your life but those of others. Conventional wisdom may not be the most effective approach for you to accomplish your goals. If wrinkle creams and nicotine reducing gums can work together towards a higher purpose, you can too.

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Jan is a skin care consumer review reporter and contributing editor for wrinkle cream reviews sites.

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