Make Your House Safe for Your Baby

By: Travis Olague

The decision to have a child is to accept that your heart will forever walk about outside of your body. We will always worry about our children and our paramount duty is to provide them a safe childhood. The problem is that small children absolutely have no sense of danger until they suffer from it. Some of the experience children get to know what is a real danger can appear too bitter, that is why one of the parentsí principal tasks is to save our little ones from such peril knowledge of life.

The first thing to remember

First you have to remember that it is not safe to leave a baby without your supervision even if you are 100% sure you have put the baby in the safest place of your house. Babies especially toddlers who are big enough to move by themselves are so active and curious and sometimes adults canít avert the danger of a terrible fall or burn, it can happen so unexpectedly, in the twinkling of an eye.

Your baby bedroom

Your baby bed room is a place in your house where you and your little one are going to spend a huge amount of time. It is up to you to make this room the most comfortable and safety. Following the given tips you will be able to
1.Do not place any furniture near the window to avoid accidents: falling out or cuts caused by broken window glass.
2.Also do not place in the nursery room pieces of furniture which can be easily moved from one place to another. Your toddler might do it in order to look out the window in your absence.
3.Choosing a baby cot it is preferable to buy a new one, you will be sure that every detail works and the cot is equipped with the latest safety features.
4.Getting a second-hand cot can be practical in case if it is inspected thoroughly and every detail and fasteners are all right. Otherwise any blemish should be corrected before using the baby crib.
5.Your baby crib should not have cut-outs at all. They can cause unfortunate results if your baby gets stuck there.
6.Pillows should also be removed from the crib before you put your baby down to sleep.
7.Hanging mobiles should be out of your baby's reach
8.Mattress should be firm and fit snugly
9.If you place any piece of furniture in the nursery make sure it has no detail which are small and can be easily taken off.
10.To avoid accidents with sockets, get socket safety plugs for all sockets in the children bedroom and around your home, as your child might curiously try to stick his fingers or some other objects in.
11.Curtains are also one more problem to be foreseen. They can cause injury; especially long blinds cords can form loops. Tie the cords well so your baby cannot reach them.

Do not think that you baby is too little to do something. It should be remembered that what they couldn't do yesterday they might be able to do today.

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