Make Way For The Resurgence Of Vinyl records

By: Vikram Kuamr

The good news is that vinyl records are becoming popular again as more and more artists are re-releasing and releasing new content on vinyl. Many people who have been collecting old records in the 60s and early 70s are able to listen to good music as they have maintained the condition over the years. Though the digital revolutions took the world by storm in the early part of the millennium, LPs are making a quiet but definite comeback in the market.

Good quality music is something that is appreciated by those who understand the experience of engaging all five senses to connect when listening to a song or instrumental. Anybody who has been used to playing long playing records knows the thrill of gently handling one by carefully touching only the edges. Though they have been around from 1930, Columbia introduced the first 33 1/3 vinyl record which was branded as the Long Play (LP.) Today, this name is loosely used as a generic description for vinyl records.

Collectible records include songs by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Chet Baker and Louis Armstrong to name a few. Vinyl LPs continued to be produced during the Beatles and Rolling Stones era, Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead. These gems are valuable to any music lover and every care is taken to ensure that they are maintained in mint condition.

Many contemporary musicians today are releasing their music on vinyl apart from CDs or digitally. The resurgence of long playing records evinces interest in different age groups who understand the emotional attachment to intangible things that the older people have experienced. Collecting vinyl records in Australia is a great hobby that many people still enjoy.

In Australia alone, the number of albums sold by way of these records was up from 18,000 to 65,000 in four years. The buzz is that youngsters between the ages of 25 to 35 years are now checking out at hi-fi stores on LPs by their favorite groups or artists. This has encouraged stores such as to create stores that focus on new records. Both 10 as well as 12 LPs are proving to be popular.

Statistics indicate that there has been a steady decline in CD sale as vinyl is proving to be more attractive to many music lovers. As a lover of quality music, is intent on enabling more and more people to purchase LPs of their favorite artistes and listen to the music over and over for pure listening pleasure. Everyone loves to listen to albums of their favorite artistes and feel elated when they are all available in one LP.

When shopping for vinyl records in Australia, make sure to research online and check out the various places where one can source good quality records. It is necessary to read reviews and ask friends and colleagues for information. Make your own collection of records and you can spend hours listening to music from a bygone era or the new one by artists who sing songs that you love to listen alone or in company.

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