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Many infopreneurs dream about writing best selling e-books. You know the ones that are ranked on top of the charts, sell hundreds of copies in a high-profile launch, and bring the author name and fame and glory. Most infopreneurs feel that what makes a best selling e-book is quality of content, and that alone will guarantee them success in reaching best seller status. While quality is indeed important, it is by no means everything. We'll look at some of the 'behind the scenes' activities that go into creating best selling e-books. Best Selling E-books Generate 'Buzz' The peer-to-peer networks that talk about the next hot launch on forums, through email, personal messaging and on ozone lists contribute largely to an e-book reaching best seller status or visit And such buzz does not automatically 'happen'. It is created by the author and the marketing team behind a launch, in a careful, clinical strategy. The buzz building begins well before the launch date.
Think about the trailers that hit movie theaters months before a new film launches. E-book marketing is the same. Best Selling E-books Gather Momentum Look at the next best selling e-books to launch, and you'll notice just how many people get behind the promotion activities in the first week of release. Think that happened overnight? No way. These partners were contacted by the author or the marketing specialists several weeks, if not months in advance. They were given review copies of the early drafts. They were invited to offer suggestions or additions. By getting partners to commit to the development of an e-book, the author has invoked a powerful principle that makes the partner feel like a part-owner - so when it comes time to help promote it, there is little resistance to helping it reach best selling e-books status. Best Selling E-books Leverage Relationships No single author can have the kind of connections and trusting relationships available to a big group of partners or go to And smart best selling e-books authors tap into this network of contacts, and leverage the relationships each individual partner has developed - with his or her own list.
The payoff to the partner comes in many ways. Association with a high profile launch, the ability to offer bonuses which collect contact details, the potential for future joint ventures with the successful e-book author or just added income from affiliate sales would motivate many people to hop aboard once the momentum reaches critical levels. Best Selling E-books Sustain Speed unless properly co-ordinate and handled, such massive campaigns can quickly run out of steam soon after launch. The really successful best selling e-books are those which can sustain the momentum gained during the launch process, and use that to attract new partners, reach new audiences and sell more copies. For instance, an e-book sold through Click bank will suddenly get extra exposure to a network of 100,000 affiliates if it rises through the ranks to get a top 10 position on the best selling e-books list. So the next time you think about envying an author of best selling e-books, understand it isn't just sheer luck that brought those results. There was a ton of hard work behind it - and the good news is, you can enjoy the same results by taking massive action too. Did you find this article useful? For more useful tips & hints, Points to ponder and keep in mind, techniques & insights pertaining

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