Make Money with A UK Affiliate Program

By: Caitlin Hammond

If you are the owner of a website or blog, a UK affiliate program can be a great way for you to make extra money on your site.
As they are free, all it takes to sign up is a computer, a blog or website, and the patience to fill in a few details and make the necessary links and such forth that are required on page.

What Is A UK Affiliate Program?

A UK affiliate program is basically a way for an individual blog or website owner to make money through the advertising of another firm's website or products on their relevant site. The site or blog owner, the affiliate, is rewarded for sending traffic to an online merchant or web site. So it is a win win situation for both parties.

Many companies in the in Britain use a UK affiliate program. It is a very easy way for them to generate extra interest in their business and ultimately generate extra sales, whilst at the same time offering a little cash incentive to the websites willing to sign up to the relevant UK affiliate program. Amazon is an example of one such company, it has many affiliates and is one of the largest and most successful examples of such a scheme. Some would even claim it was Amazon that made the use of affiliate programs more common place.

Of course a third party is needed to make a UK affiliate program successful - that is the customer. If the affiliate site doesn't attract many readers or site users, then the chances of them clicking on various links to external sites is naturally going to be smaller than a particularly well read blog or website.

What Do I Need To Do To Sign Up To A UK Affiliate Program?

Signing up for a UK affiliate program is usually pretty straight forward. The typical process will involve a user browsing through and reading the terms and conditions of the program. The user will then have to provide some contact information, this can be a telephone number, email address and home address, but will depend on the program. More importantly as far as the program is concerned is that you advertise the products or services relevant to the company you have signed up for and that you then link to the site using the URL's it provided.

How does a UK Affiliate Program pay?

This will depend on whether the program a user has signed up to bases payment on pay per click or pay per action. Pay per click is a common form of Internet marketing. Basically, whenever someone clicks on an online ad that uses this method, you get paid.

Pay per action requires further action on the browsers part though, as the name would suggest. This system tracks a user's online behaviour from clicking on the ad on your site, all the way to putting an item in their shopping basket (online that is). How you are paid depends on whether you receive a cut for the browser searching deeper into the website, or a percentage of the final sale.

If you have not already considered one then, signing up for a UK affiliate program could be an easy way to make more money.

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Website and blog owners often look for ways in which they can make money whilst writing about the things that interest them. This article discusses how a UK affiliate program can provide an extra source of money to participants.

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