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Can We Consider Amulets As Power Of Nature?

An amulet is also considered as a close cousin of talisman. Potential amulets to name a few comprise simple stones, gems, animals, plants, rings, pendants, drawings, coins and statues.

It has been said that amulets can be dated back to when man crawled out of caves. Amulets are the items that are worn in order to protect the wearer from any trouble. An amulet is also considered as a close cousin of talisman. The main objective of amulets and talisman is to bring in good luck as well as protect the owners from evil practices.

Potential amulets to name a few comprise of simple stones, gems, animals, plants, rings, pendants, drawings, coins and statues. Amulets serve various purposes to an individual that include emotional security and success in the endeavors - namely war, hunting, triumph in growing the crops as well as overcoming illness. These gemstones provide people with every good effect that one wants for family or oneself.

The tribal wizards and healers gave out these amulets. Development of changes in religions and belief patterns, with the expansion of the urban settlement, these amulets have been passed on to the religious priests who help out people in solving their problems. Amulets vary considerably in accordance to their place and time of origin.

Amulets, in several societies are served as religious possessions or objects. Religious amulets can be the figures of certain gods or simply few symbols representing the divinity such as Christians cross. Number of people are familiar with the modern day amulets of Catholic’s rosary beads, rabbit’s lucky foot and Christian cross to name a few.

Though, amulets have long been in use since the ancient times, both by civilized and primitive people in order to ward-off evil, enhance spirituality, to heal and attract love.

An amulet is a term that originated from the “amoletum” old Latin word meaning “a means of defense”. An amulet is supposed to be artistic with the special powers to protect people from the evils such as evil spirits, ghosts, evil eye and any type of disaster, calamities, misfortune, illness and witchcraft. Amulets are used by people in order to bring in good luck and are very often referred as talismans.

Many societies consider that the amulets derive the power from their links with the natural force or religious associations.

In Thailand, an individual can commonly distinguish many people with the hanging Buddha in their necks, in order to protect themselves from evil practices. In Bolivia, along with few places in the Argentina, the Ekko god furnishes a typical amulet for which one has to spend to the least one banknote in order to acquire welfare and fortune.

The zodiac signs correspond to the gems which act as amulets, however these gemstones vary in accordance to the diverse traditions. Animals and plants like cactus and turtles can cause controversies since few people think of them as beneficial while others believe they delay all the things in a house. Drawings of the clay amulet discovered near the Tartaria, Romania and in Afro-Caribbean religions drawings such as Santería, Quimbanda and Umbanda are also considered as well as are utilized as amulets.

In the Central Europe, there are many believe that garlic and crucifix keeps the vampires away. The people of ancient Egypt also have many amulets designed for several needs and occasions, often with a figure of Kherpi, scab god or the “ankh”.

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