Maintenance of hygiene and baby care

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Hand Sanitizers in India

Hand Sanitizers are very handy while travelling as it solves the purpose of keeping hands clean when water and soap are unavailable. They are said to kill bacteria by 99.99 percent thus, widening their popularity. A non- alcoholic instant hand Sanitizer, is a solution for those who have suffered from the serious side effects of the repeated use of alcohol-based ones. They are a great option outdoors, but one must not rule out washing hands with soap and water because Alcohol-based Sanitizers can actually increase the risk of exposure to the same pathogens that they were designed to kill.  A few hand Sanitizers in India like Dettol, lifebuoy etc are famous in India.

Breathing exercises during labor

Rhythmic breathing exercise during labor will maximize the amount of oxygen available to the mother and the baby. Breathing techniques can also help in handling the contractions. Relaxation techniques, including breathing and massages, reduces risk of assisted birth and cesarean. During the second stage of labor, the baby is pushed out into the world. The mother needs to follow her urges and push as many times during each contraction as she feels right for the baby.
It is normal to feel the urge to push briefly three to five times with each contraction, taking several breaths in between. Don't let the in-breath become longer than the out-breath. Try to avoid rapid breathing, as this causes the mother to hyperventilate. If it happens during contraction, support people should remind the mother to slow down as it can lower the oxygen level in the blood that can cause dizziness and tingling sensations, leading to an increase in the carbon dioxide level of the system.

Baby massages Indian

Baby massage Indian is an old tradition in India. Just after birth a cleansing massage is done using a wheat dough ball to which a little almond oil and turmeric is added. It helps in enhancing the circulatory and digestive system of the baby and continues for a month. After one month massage with hands begin where people use warm sesame oil to massage the spine, back, waist, hands, feet, and neck. Sesame oil has therapeutic and Ayurvedic properties that really relax babies and promote well being. It easily penetrates the skin, has a cooling effect on the body, and is rich in vitamin E. Till the child is about one and a half years the massage continues and keeps the child healthy. Massage routines can shift from daily to alternate days once the baby starts crawling.

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