Maintaining your Ideal Weight - Things to Remember

By: Allison Thompson

As you will discover on sites such as Ezine Articles there has been plenty written with regard to how you can lose weight. But there are very few articles written about how to maintain your ideal weight once you have loss any excess weight. Certainly there are very few articles written with regard to maintaining your ideal weight as you get older.

As we get older it becomes much more difficult for us to maintain what is considered to be our ideal weight. In fact as we get older and once we reach our 40's keeping in shape becomes much more difficult for us compared to when we were in our 20's. However through this article we take a look at 5 things you should be considering and which will help you to maintain your ideal weight as you grow older.

1. Unfortunately dieting is not the most effective way for you to maintain your ideal weight once reached. Instead of cutting back on what you eat you should be planning to eat up to six small but well balanced meals each day. Not only does this ensure that your body is getting the nutrients that it needs but it will help to keep your metabolism at a healthy speed.

2. Many people as they grow older will fail when it comes to maintaining their ideal weight because they are constantly having negative thoughts about the way they look etc. However by remaining positive and upbeat a person will find it much more easier to maintain their weight levels and will help them to stay motivated once the weight has been lost.

3. Certainly low fat products are an essential part of everybody's diet today. However we still need to eat omega 3 fatty acids in order for our bodies to function correctly. Often the best way of getting such fatty acids in your body is through consuming fish oil or flax seed oil. Remember it is these fatty acids which will further help your body to burn off the unwanted fat it has. So if you are keen to maintain your ideal weight once reached after a weight loss program you should try to eat some type of cold water fish, such as say Salmon three times each week. But if you are unable to do this then take an omega 3 fish oil supplement every day instead.

4. Although you may have the perfect diet contain the right kinds of foods, you could actually find that maintaining your ideal weight is difficult if you are drinking lots of soda. The big problem with these kinds of drinks is that they contain high amounts of calories in them, but they actually prevent your body from absorbing calcium which it needs. Therefore if you are really keen to maintain your weight at a healthy level you need to cut back or eliminate these kinds of drinks from your diet. Instead you should be aiming to drink more water (pure).

5. Certainly doing some form of aerobic exercise in order to help maintain an ideal weight level is important. But if you really want to make sure that you burn off unwanted fat more effectively you need to start looking at lifting weights three times a week. Lifting weights will help to increase the amount of lean muscle mass in your body which is perfect for helping you to burn off fat.

If you keep the above guidelines in mind when you have reached your ideal weight you will find it much easier to maintain this. Certainly by keeping these in mind you should find that maintaining your ideal weight in the future will be much easier.

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