Maintaining our Coasts

By: Elliott Conrad

The coasts of a country have extremely high environmental value as well as tourist attraction, making their protection and beautification a very important feature. The coasts and the adjoining areas are an important part of the eco-system and the combination of fresh water and salt water estuaries is a major source of nutrients for marine life. The beaches and the salt marshes also provide a habitat for various plants, animals and insects which are an integral part of the food chain. The coasts occupy less than 15% of the Earth's land surface; yet accommodate more than 40% of the world population (it is estimated that 3.1 billion people live within 200 kilometres from the sea).

Due to the good harbour and port facilities, coastal areas have the biggest cities in most of the countries. Coasts with warm water and beaches are a major tourist attraction, playing a massive factor in the economy of the country. For example, the fishing, shipping and tourism industries all compete for vital space along Europe's estimated 89,000 kilometres of coastline, and coastal zones contain some of Europe's most fragile and valuable natural habitats.

Therefore, for the protection and maintenance of the precious coasts a country has, there are various suppliers dealing with coastal irrigation supplies. These suppliers cover each and every aspect in maintaining the coasts and can be catered for any job regarding the coasts by the domestic, commercial, rural or local government.

Coastal irrigation suppliers provide everything from quality reticulation, PVC and poly pipes, to fittings, sprinklers, bore pumps and controllers. They also install and maintain reticulation systems, bores and roll-on lawns, while for the environmental conscious consumers they also provide grey water recycling systems and more.

Use of coastal irrigation supplies is, as mentioned above, mandatory for the maintenance and protection of the coasts. But, safety while such tasks are being undertaken is also compulsory. Water and electricity are a risky mix; irrigation safety measures provide for certain guidelines to be followed while dealing with coastal irrigation supplies.

Making sure that the wiring of the irrigation system is properly grounded, storing of unused pipes away from power lines or electrical equipment, positioning of water jet streams so that there is no chance of them being sprayed on power lines are some of the measures to be taken. Lightening arresters can also be used to protect the piping in case of lightening, and repeated fuse blows and power cuts could be an electric hazard and should be checked immediately.

Shutting down and locking the master electrical control switch before servicing the machine and perfect reticulation should be maintained. Auto conversions using the latest technology so that the irrigation system is fully automated with the features the consumer requires to enable the consumer to water on correct watering days is provided by the best suppliers.

A very important feature which should be kept in mind, while hiring the services of coastal irrigation suppliers, is their staff. They should be experienced in all aspects of reticulation system design, installation and maintenance for both commercial and domestic irrigation purposes.

Hence, protection of the coast is an important function to be performed and should be undertaken by the best. Safety measures while using the coastal irrigation supplies should be necessarily followed.

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