Maintaining Trees On Your Property

By: Rodney Melvin

Trees are seen as a permanent and immovable fixture in many yards around the country. Because of this attitude, the correct care and maintenance of these trees is neglected. Having such a blasé attitude towards the trees in your yard can result in damage to your home or to family members due to falling branches. In addition to this, trees can be a great feature on a property, especially when they are well established – the loss of a particularly beautiful tree can negatively impact property values.

The guide below is designed to make you aware of some steps that can be taken by professionals to care for and maintain the trees on your property.

Pest And Disease Control

Trees can play host to a wide range of pests and diseases. Whilst the diseases will just affect the tree itself, the pests that it can host can potentially pose a problem to you and your family. Without professional qualifications it can be difficult to tell what specific disease or pests are afflicting your trees, but even a lay person can see when something is wrong. A good indication of an issue with the trees on your property is any discolouration or disfigurement of the leaves, wood or bark. With pests, you may even see them on the tree itself.

Your best option for addressing any pest or disease problems with trees on your property is to call in a professional tree care provider. They have a wealth of experience in caring for trees and can very quickly and easily solve any issues with your trees.

Tree Root Control

One of the most common issues that householders have with trees in their yard is not actually visible to the naked eye. Tree roots are massively destructive and can affect a wide range of things such as pipes, footpaths, retaining walls and even house foundations. By the time you begin to notice the physical signs of tree root damage, you need to act immediately.

Luckily, just because the roots are destructive, you do not need to remove the entire tree. New innovative techniques, such as the installation of root barriers can preserve the tree and greatly reduce the chance of tree root related damage to your home.

Transplanting And Relocations

Even if trees are causing problems in your yard, destroying them really should be the last option. Not only is it a great shame to kill a plant that may have been alive for decades, in many jurisdictions around Australia there are very strict limitations on cutting down trees - even if they are located on your property.

Trees, even quote large ones, can be moved and placed in a new location - you no longer need to destroy a tree just because it is in an inconvenient location. Furthermore, if you no longer want the tree on your property at all, this presents you with some interesting options. There is an increasing demand from nurseries and landscapers for established trees, especially for more popular varieties. Instead of simply cutting down your trees, you may be able to find them a new home.

For more information, or a hassle free quote, contact your local arborist today.

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