Maintaining Healthy Skin Through Cod Liver Oil Intake

By: David Phillips

Acne is a common problem among many people at any given time. It is not hard to meet with people grappling with issues of skin irritation and rushes and these could be avoided through simple and cost effective methods available naturally. Skin diseases can be a source of frustration and disappointment for both men and women and the most unfortunate thing is that most of the products found in the market only help to make the situation worse and unbearable. However, you could easily avoid this problem by incorporating natural vitamin supplements in your daily life and this way you will be able to maintain a healthy and glowing skin. Cod liver oil is one of the highly respected and reliable natural supplements and it is readily available in the market in form of capsules and liquid.

Understanding the nutritional value of cod liver oil supplement

When approaching cod liver oil supplements, it is important to understand that one of the most important components it has to offer is Vitamin A which is a very essential nutrient when it comes to the health of your skin. Vitamin A deficiency is always a major contributor to many skin problems and taking cod liver oil supplements will help fill the nutritional gap that diet leaves due to low vitamin levels. The vitamin D supplied to the body through the supplements will help in the formation of new cells under the surface of the skin and this will result in a revitalized and healthy skin. Additionally, cod liver oil also provides the body with vitamin D, another essential element when it comes to the health of your skin. This has both anti-carcinogen and anti-oxidant properties which aids in the healing of your skin in an accelerated manner. Supplements provide both quality and quantity thus keeping your skin moisturized, soft, and smooth while also preventing the risk of dry and cracking skin.

Additional elements in cod liver oil

In addition to the essential vitamins, cod liver oil supplements are also loaded with 2 essential omega 3 fatty acids namely docosahexaenoic (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA). The latter is important as it produces prostaglandin hormones which essentially help in the control of tissue inflammation. Lack of these oemag 3 fatty acids can lead to skin follicle blockage thus resulting in different skin conditions. However, you can avert this problem by using cod liver oil supplement.

Cod liver oil can be used to boost immunity and treat skin diseases

You could easily prevent and treat different skin diseases through fish oil intake. Some of the diseases that you can prevent and treat using these essential fats include:

  • Eczema which is a chronic skin disease with symptoms such as inflammation, scaly patches and blisters. These symptoms are very painful and uncomfortable. The blisters and inflammation can be reduced through the intake of fish oil vitamin found in cod liver supplements.

  • Psoriasis is another skin disease caused by quick reproduction of skin cells. When dealing with this condition, you should look for supplements that have a high rate of vitamin A and vitamin D to help reduce the rate of cell reproduction.

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