Main facets of an Eco friendly home

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

This is the reason why many of them are looking for home building options which are in complete harmony with the surroundings, and seeing this demand, many manufacturers have now come up with the Eco home designs and materials. Now the question comes, how a home can be made Eco friendly. Thanks to new technology there are many ways by which we can save our planet and live a healthier life. This article is just an attempt to make you familiar with the concept, so that after reading this if you have not taken any initiative to save our planet, then you can take one now.

In simple words, Eco home as a home in which materials made up of sustainable products are used, thus not causing any harm to the environment. One common way of going green in your home is to go for solar panels. In this way your house will be deriving the benefits of solar energy to do a number of daily tasks of your home, like producing electricity, heating water etc. Also, many houses have large windows so that maximum sunlight can come inside. This way you can save electricity and get the benefits of direct sunlight as well. Another effective way is to go for a good ventilation system, where air is piped under the flooring to provide warm air in winters and cold in summers. This means less energy consumption for cooling and heating system and thus decreasing your electricity bills.

The well insulated wall is also an important part of an Eco home. Actually these walls have a layer of inert gas in between, which keeps the warm air inside the home during the winters and cold air inside during the summer season. In fact, windows of an Eco house also have two or more panes, to make them well insulated. For energy efficiency even the roofs can be made insulated.

An Eco friendly home is also equipped with a system to collect rainwater and to use it for your day to day needs, like bathing, washing clothes or watering the plants. This feature is particularly important for all those who are living in the places which receive regular rainfall.

As far as the gadgets are concerned, Eco homes mostly have the gadgets which harness natural resources or the gadgets which are energy efficient. Solar panels, water power, biomass energy are some ways by which natural energy can be utilized. Even the paints of the home are not harsh on the environment; these are not volatile thus do not pose any threat to the occupants and the environment.

Eco home is a great idea to live a healthy and prosperous life. Also it gives you a chance to contribute your share to protect our environment and to reduce our dependence on the fossil fuels. Making use of renewable energy sources we can not only save our planet but also live a much healthier life. Swani Rubber Industries manufactures quality reclaim rubber and their quality of reclaimed rubber is exceptional than other reclaim rubber India companies

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