Mail Archive Software: Even For Small Businesses

By: Audrian Cambell

Mail archive software is only for the big corporate giants, if you are still stuck to this age old concept then itís time to rethink. In fact, as things stand now more and more small businesses is also banking on the seamless concept of mail archival system on the cloud for making their business litigation ready.

In todayís corporate scenario, be it large corporations or be it just a small one, all have the sheer burden of keeping and retaining their corporate messages intact for a considerable period of time or at least as long as the compliance law mandates it of them. There is hardly anything which is not regulated by the governance of business law. To be honest; business mandates and e discovery requests from both the government entities and industry bodies nowadays affect almost every organization, irrespective of their sizes.

Simply put, compliance with the regulatory mandates, eDiscovery requests and regulations are indeed not optional but has become business must and such requirements are applicable to small businesses as well. There are practically hundreds and thousands of so called small companies which are affected by regulations such as SEC and NASD, Sarbanes-Oxley etc. And as an obvious result, quite like their larger counterparts the small companies also have the burden of storing and retaining their copy of every email for a considerable amount of time. Quite ideally, small companies are also relying on the cloud based spam filtering appliance for making their business litigation ready.

However, a study conducted by the University of St. Thomas at Minnesota found that 36% of mid sized and small firms didnít archieve their digital conversations. Moreover 20% didnít know that they need to do it. As per Osterman Research Inc., there is not a much uptake of email archive software in small business environment, however a growing number of business owners are now opting for the archival solution on cloud Nine.

Whatís mail archive software?

It is typically a systematic approach in saving as well as in protecting the e mail correspondence and business data. The aim is however simple, to access the sent and received e mails quickly whenever and wherever they are needed.

Okay, letís take a case specific scenario here. Letís say someone sues a mid or small sized corporate for some kind of an alleged grievance. Itís a fact indeed that many small businesses have learnt through their noses that court cases can even be created by some disgruntled customers or even by former employees or also by the rivals. And this is exactly why small businesses need to consider cloud based spam filtering and archival in order to archive their sent and received digital communication seamlessly.

However, regulatory compliance and legal troubles are not just the reasons for small businesses to deploy email archiving software. For instance, storage management also small businesses need to seriously ponder on the benefits of cloud based spam filtering and e mail archival appliance.

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Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how mail archive software works to help you maintain your emails storage and makes your job fast and easier. Here he wants to share his knowledge about cloud based spam filtering and how they help you and your organization in accessing emails easily.

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