Magnetic Promotional Items and Products for Modern Businesses

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Almost every child growing up in the country can remember those small yet interesting magnets on the family refrigerator doors. Often these magnets contain contact information or simple branding and logos of companies that are have become familiar which demonstrates the effectiveness of the product in creating a lasting and memorable effect. Refrigerator magnets, though they look small and inconsequential, are a true and proven promotional tool that can be harnessed by companies, small businesses, and individuals.
Historical Evolution of Promotional Design for Magnets

Old style refrigerator magnets that were used as marketing and promotional materials were often shape molded plastic that were heavy and used regular markets. These custom magnets are often expensive and require the purchase of particular amounts of products to receive. While beautiful, these items can often represent a huge loss especially for small companies and individuals. Fortunately, magnetic promotional items can now be produced from lightweight customizable materials that are appropriately magnetic while still remaining inexpensive and easy to use.

Current Refrigerator Magnets

Current refrigerator magnets are often printed on 30Mil magnetic stock that can stick to a variety of materials that are attractable with magnets. Because the designs are printed on to the surface of the opposing side of the magnetic material, the whole toolset of the printing and graphic design industry can be used to create it. The printing system also does away with the need for customized plastic bending materials used in earlier custom magnets designs. A final high-gloss UV resistant coating is placed on top of the printed material that will make it scratch and fading resistant even in higher temperatures which makes these magnets a viable option for application inside vehicles and other similar locations.

Graphic Design and Pricing

The design of these promotional products can often be handled by graphic artists that can make posters, business cards, brochures and flyers as the entire design process is virtually the same. Companies can often ensure that the magnets follow their branding guidelines to ensure the encouragement of brand recognition. The prices of car magnets and refrigerator magnets on the market today are at their historical low and the presence of many competing printing services is driving the prices even lower. Online printing services make professional magnet products accessible even to areas where there are no professional printers present or where local printers charge outrageous amounts for their services.

From individuals to large corporations, custom magnets are now more than just a viable option but are an integral part of any promotional product campaign and giveaway initiative. By gaining an advertising position inside the house or car of prospective clients, companies gain access to valuable advertising space that will otherwise not be available to them.

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