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By: Heidi Cridland - Sydneys Christmas Barn

When you think of fairies you think of magical, wonderful, mysterious places. When you think of fairy lights, you tend to think of Christmas. But did you know that these fairy lights can create that wonderful magical feeling on many occasions. Don’t just wait for Christmas to come around. You can use them all year round for birthdays, weddings, any special occasion or simply as interior decoration in the home. You can transform any room from the boring empty room to a magical room filled with colour and fairy lights.
Of course, Christmas is the most common time many people and families pull out their fairy lights. The great thing about them is that you can use them at any time of the year. With the wide range of styles and colours available, you can do just about anything with them. Are you using your fairy lights to their best advantage?

If you have a particular mood youd like to set then you might wish to select a particular colour light. For example, a bright happy party mood may require bright multi-coloured lights, however, if you are looking for a calmer atmosphere, you may want to stick with the white or blue lights, or a mixture of the two. To make the most of your lighting, make sure you think about the atmosphere you want to provide and the colours required to achieve that feel.
There are a range of different styles of fairy lights available today. Many of us are aware of the traditional strands of lights that we put over our Christmas trees however, today there are many other options. You can buy lights attached to curtains which look great around tables. There are also options for icicle lights which can be hung around the top of your roof. You can also use the usual strand lights for around windows or furniture. Another option in lighting is the fairy rope lights which can be used around windows or furniture, or even to create pictures on the wall if that is something you want to try.

Not only do you have choices in the style of lights that you can use, there are also a number of different lighting effects. Many lights these days have options for static, flickering, twinkling or a mixture. There are a range of different options for flickering and twinkling lights ranging from the fast twinkle to the slow. If you are looking to create a more tranquil effect you may wish to just keep your lights on the static lighting mode. If you want more energy and excitement, flickering lights would be great. The twinkling option often will provide a relaxing feel to the room.
There is just so much variety when it comes to fairy lights. Dont just stick to the same thing each time you pull them out. Try something different and make the most of the lights. Many people leave them in boxes all year round and only pull them out for one month out of the year. Be different, be creative with your lights! You dont have to be elaborate, you can keep it simple, with a simple set up of fairy lights around windows or around the roof.

Having fairy lights on the roof is probably a good option particularly if you have children, as they may want to try and pull them off anything they can reach. Flashing or sparkling things will catch their attention. You may also find they will make a great night light for your young child. With the right lights selected you can light a room up just enough for a child to feel comfortable at night without it being too bright. It will also give them a magical feeling to their room and they will love it.
There are just a few things you should consider when you are buying your lights.

Take note of what type of bulbs are used in the lights. Many fairy lights today are LED (light emitting diodes) lights. These are more economical and last longer than the previous bulbs that have been used in fairy lights. This means you dont have to worry so much about the expense of having them up more often in the home. You will also find the LED lights to be fairly unbreakable which means you can feel safe with your children around these lights, and you will get years of use out of them.

You will also find that you have the option between buying battery powered or solar fairy lights. Solar fairy lights are great for the outdoors if you dont have a handy power socket nearby. Battery powered lights are great indoors where you dont have a spare power socket or dont want cords running across a room to reach one. Battery powered lights will often run for up to 36 hours.
Start thinking about how you can use fairy lights in your home today. Make your home beautiful all year round or decorate your home for special occasions. If theres a birthday coming up, what atmosphere would you possibly wish to create with lighting?

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