Magic Tricks for Kids: Enjoyment for the Whole Family

By: Chris Robertson

Magic tricks provide affordable, engaging activity for your kids and entertainment for the entire family. Kids are intrigued with the skill and mystery that magic tricks can offer. They enjoy trying to "figure it out." And once they do know the secrets behind a few tricks, kids never tire of surprising friends and family members with their newfound hobby!

Magic tricks appeal to the inquisitive side of a child's mind. Boys especially want to know what makes things work. They see mechanical devices and immediately want to take them apart. Some would rather take toys apart and put them back together than play with them!

There are also educational benefits for your "little Houdini" who desires to learn magic tricks. Buying books or CDs that reveal how to prepare and perform magic tricks can help your kids learn fun tricks and develop valuable manual as well as mental skills for future learning. They'll need to memorize every aspect of the trick from start to finish, which enhances memory. They'll learn to use swift hand motions and add new words to their vocabulary to use interesting conversation while performing in front of an audience. Magicians often talk their way through magic trick performances, so your kids will become accustomed to speaking in front of people. This skill alone can help with many aspects of life - giving verbal essays in front of class, participating in school or church plays, and public speaking at functions when older such as business meetings or conferences.

Finding the Right Magic Tricks

To get started, find out which magicians your kids enjoy the most or the types of tricks they prefer. Some magicians to consider include Derren Brown, David Copperfield, Paul Harris, and David Blaine. Magic tricks vary according to who performs them and the tools and methods used. Some use street magic while others have elaborate performances. Kids might like learning simple magic tricks or they might enjoy putting on entire shows for family gatherings.

Once you have an idea of what type of magic tricks your child desires to learn, you can find plenty of books and magic products online. Search for magic resources using key phrases including the name of their favorite magician, such as "Criss Angel magic tricks" or "David Blaine magic tricks." This will narrow your search to the magic tricks that will appeal to your child.

Take it slow and start with some easy, age appropriate tricks. Then work with your child if he/she chooses to learn more advanced maneuvers. Allow them to practice in front of your immediate family before performing in front of large groups. For very young children, be sure the tricks will be easy to accomplish for their small hands and little fingers. Compliment them on a job well done (even if they mess up occasionally). Make much of their achievements so they'll be eager to learn more. It's a great way to spend time together while engaging in an enjoyable activity!

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