Magic Article Rewriter & Submitter Review

By: Rich Newcastle

Magic Article Rewriter & Submitter Review

The Magic Article rewriter and Magic article submitter simultaneously make up one of the most popular article marketing automation systems currently existing today. Having just recently purchased both of these products I would like to give an honorable evaluation of both to give insight to others who could be at this time searching for an article spinning and submission software. Article marketing can be A very effective way to get free organic targeted traffic to your web site or blog. Find out if the Magic Article rewriter & Submitter can assist you in your existing online venture below.

Magic Article Rewriter

The magic article rewriter software is an article spinning tool that can help you turn one article into several separate articles. You might question why this is significant? Well search engines such as Google crawl the web looking for duplicate content and will disregard a lot of your backlinks if you are just basically submitting one article to many different sites throughout the web. The magic article rewriter database comes with over 30,000 words built into it and will permit you to alter the content of your article by choosing unique synonyms for words so that the search engine views your articles as new content.

For instance if you were to write in your article ''Online Surveys are A great way to earn extra cash'' You could then highlight each word and click spin and it would offer you A list of synonyms for each word so that the next web site you submit to this sentence could read ''Online Surveys are an excellent way to make extra money'' The search engine will read this as different even though you are in essence saying the same thing. This can save you a lot of time as you will not need to create as many articles because you will be able to leverage A single article and turn it into 20 articles or more!!

Magic Article Submitter

The magic article submitter software is A totally automated submission tool that can submit your articles to up to as many as 744 article directories with the click of A button!! The frightening thing is that this is not even the most impressive thing that this software can do. After you sign up for A brand new gmail account you can enter the details of this email account into your article submitter profile along with the information you want to use for registering at the article directory sites. Magic article submitter will then create accounts for you in each of the 744 article directories so that you do not have to go to every site and sign up. Your new gmail account will then be flooded with the activation links from all of these article directories. Magic article submitter will then automatically go through your mailbox and click the activation links for all the directories so that you will be all set to submit to all of these web sites without going through the mind-numbing procedure of signing up and activating all the links manually. Now that you have registered and have all your accounts activated you are ready to submit your articles to the directories. You just paste the article contents from the Magic rewriter into the article submitter. Not only will the original article be pasted in but also the altered synonyms that you have chosen as well.

Now the submission process can begin at the touch of A button and the Magic Article Submitter will start submitting to each one of the directories and will spin the article on the fly substituting and mixing and matching your synonyms to each directory so that you will be leveraging several separate articles out of the one initial copy that you wrote. After the articles are submitted you can also keep track of each and everyone of them by simply clicking on the check article status button located at the top of the submitter software.

In Conclusion

Magic article rewriter and magic article submitter together make up an outstanding article marketing software package. The biggest thing is that you can really save a lot of time with these 2 products. You will not need to write as many articles and you will not need to go through the time consuming process of registering for hundreds of sites to submit your articles to. The price is very reasonable and in my opinion you definitely get your moneys worth with these products. The software is also backed by A 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee so there is no risk to give it A try. I believe that this software can help anyone involved with marketing products online and search engine optimization.

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Rich Newcastle is an online digital product reviewer. For more information on Magic article rewriter and submitter you can visit the official web site Magic article rewriter

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