MacBook Air - A Modern Marvel

By: MacBooks B. Great

The MacBook Air is a strong, new item on the market. With the other "general" and boring laptops on the computer market, this one truly does make itself stand out. It stands out so much that it has actually evolved into one of the more talked about, and sought after laptop computers in the world.

Why is the MacBook Air in such high demand? We will tell you why, it is the lightest and thinnest laptop ever created. There is no laptop lighter or thinner than this amazing laptop! Stats? You want stats about the MacBook Air? No problem.

You want them, well here they are, the coveted MacBook Air stats. The MacBook Air comes with either a 2.1 or 2.4 Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 800 Megahertz frontside bus. As for memory? 1 Gig (two 512 Meg SO-DIMMs) or or the speedier two Gig (two 1 Gig SO-DIMMs) of 667 Megahertz DDR2 memory. With speed like this who needs a Desktop!?

How about the size of this laptop? Lets talk about it here...It's height is 1.08 inches, it's Width is 12.78 inches, 8.92 inches deep, and it Weighs in at five pounds. These numbers are shocking seeing how this laptop computer is among the frontrunners in its category.

Where would one purchase one of these amazing laptops you ask? The answer is simple...the Apple website! This is your best option if you actually want to pay for this laptop. If you are like me, you may not have upwards of 1500.00 to spend on a laptop. Thats right I said free...sort of.

I found a free offer for the MacBook Air which only required me to enter my email address initially. I followed the instructions and am now the proud owner of a MacBook Air! Want to know what is required? Read on.

What is required of me? Well if you have a spare 1 or 2 hours of time and a home computer you too can sign up. I give you a link below this article to a web site that presents you with a real way to see complete the signup process. Having trouble believing this? OK, stop by the Apple store in your mall and buy yourself a MacBook Air!

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Here is a truly free promotional offer for the MacBook Air. If you would like to to acquire a free MacBook Air visit this link: Free MacBook Air.

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