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Many of us love crafts. These crafts are a fundamental part of Moroccan life. They include those made up of wood, metal, copper, wool, linen, stone, and clay. These are distinct Moroccan products made for centuries & the tradition is never dead, but ever alive. Antique finds and local treasures are a matter of delight within the souks and local markets while contemporary Moroccan designers flock to urban areas.
Various cities of Morocco are the destination for various products. The examples are Fes for leather and pottery, Casablanca for art scene, Marrakech for contemporary design scene, Chefchaouen for local Rif crafts and Essaouira for its musical instruments.
You may be a lover of pure leather items. You will be surprised to see thousands of Leather Works which are all traditional. Fes & Marrakesh are the popular destinations for these items. Before you plan a trip there, get ready with your budget which would include any of the special items like wallets, desk sets babouches, leather poufs, bags, leather- covered earthenware, plates and belts & Camel saddles.
If you love durable items of metals then you will get a scope to purchase a lot of copper items which are highly glowing. Iron made items are also available. Maghrebain is popular for Copper items. Some available metal items include candleholders, lampshades, bars, mousharabies and mirror frames.
Carpet lovers will find the best varieties as Moroccan artifacts include carpet weaving as one of the oldest. Infinite varieties of rural & urban carpets are available. The popular carpet destinations include Rabat, Meknes, Fes, Marrakesh for Urban carpets. Rural carpets are mostly found in Berber carpets of the Middle Atlas (Azrou) ; of the region of Zadrs (Oulmes), of Shishaoua (Marrakesh) and of Ait Ouaourguite (Ouarzazate).
Obviously, no luxury trip ends without jewellery purchase. Silver jewellery is famous in plateau & mountain regions. It is mixed with coral & amber to make heavy and stern jewellery such as Fibulae chains, necklaces, forehead diadems, bracelets and anklets. Anti- Atlas and Bani represent the stock house of Berber jewelry. Luxury gold items combined with emeralds, pearls & turquoise composes more fragile and refined jewels like Rings, necklaces, pendants and diadems. Fes, Essaouira and Tangier are famous for these items. Famous pottery is made in Fes and Safi. Sale specializes in decorative pottery with colored glazing.
You may love embroideries for table-cloths, sets, napkins, wall hangings etc. Fes embroideries are the most famous ones. Rabat, Meknes, Azemmour, and Tetouan are also known for these items. Needlework is executed with brightly colored silk threads and bears the name of the place where it is embroidered. Luxury ones include those made with velvet, gold, silver & silk combined together.
A 13 days MOROCCO ARTS AND CRAFTS TOUR program will quench your thirst for arts & crafts as it is specially designed for it. It covers the places Casablanca, Fez, Rabat, High Atlas Mountains, Essaouira, Marrakesh. Casablanca museums & galleries which are most rich in art.
Visit Fez & Volubilis which are the UNESCO World Heritage Site & importance of Fez is already described. The tour will continue through Rabat & Atlas Mountain. You can stay at Kasbah Tamadot which is a renowned luxury resort. You can see the Roman ruins at Volubilis.
You can get the details of other places of visit & the details of the program to different places in the website link: & too.
The luxury trip is specially designed to make you visit the various places where you can buy old & new luxury items & enjoy the locations there. You may purchase a lot of things in these places including the most expensive varieties which will fill not only your house with a lot of satisfaction, but also give you a lot of relief in heart.
The luxury trip also targets to show you how the people used luxury items in the past & how the old Art was made. Costly architect work by great architects of past is a matter of great achievements even in the age old days.
Most of the time, rich people are rarely found to enjoy their life. If you are rich, you may have lots of money with you, but the servants you keep at home enjoy your goods, houses & dogs much more than you yourself do. So, the world class & top resorts will also fill your inner self with a lot of self-satisfaction which can only be shared with your family members. Here you spend a lot, or you pay for the trip & the adventurous trip also provides provisions for you to spend some quality time there, so that your busy life becomes easy too.
Scientific fact is that all of us have 5 sense organs. Among them, the most important one which makes you to eat & give you a lot of self satisfaction is the tongue. Who on this earth would not love to eat tasty food? This is possible with the help of the tongue which makes us eat & the spices which make food tastier. The luxury trip helps you to meet all these requirements in a single trip.
So, get ready for the Arts & Crafts Tour & the Luxury Trip to Morocco. Visualize yourself as the one who is already there. In no second, will you be there mentally & once you book your trip we will be with you to make your visualization match with reality. So, enter the boundary of Morocco & live in the beautiful garden of wonder ....................Won’t you ?

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