MLM Success Even If You Have No Money

By: Matt Hefner

As you well know by now there is nothing more frustrating than finding the MLM company of your dreams with the right comp plan and the right products and not knowing how to promote it and build it effectively for one and secondly having no money to do advertising with.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to effectively promote your opportunity using the internet whether you have money or not. There are a lot of people who give up and quit the MLM/Network Marketing industry for one simple reason and that is lack of money to build their business with.

The fact is, if you are going to build a successful MLM/Network Marketing business it takes one of two things, money or work! You either have to have money or you have to work your freaking butt off! This article will show you how to do the second option since lack of money is the issue here.

The great thing about the secret I am about to share with you is that this form of marketing is the most effective marketing strategy long term than anything you could ever do! It takes some time to get going but once you do, the traffic and customers will be just as residual as your future MLM/Network Marketing income!

So I'll shut up rambling now and tell you what it is. It is none other than good old fashioned article marketing combined with what is known as the funded proposal! Ok, I'll give you some time to get your rolled eyes focused back on the page now and tell you exactly why this is the most effective marketing strategy in existence.

I first need you to understand what funded proposals are and how you can set this up. The fact is, you need a system. A system that allows you to generate your own leads and provide value to these leads in the form of useful information and good affiliate product offers. A system where you have your own website and your own brand.

A system that allows you to actually make money from all of the people who say no to your MLM business opportunity. You want MLM/Network Marketing success? This is how all of the top producers do it! Trust me! I can show you such a system if you look in the resource box at the end of this article.

Ok, now that you know that you need a system with your own lead capturing website you now will need traffic to that system and lots of it. This is where article marketing comes into play. This totally free form of marketing will deliver tons of highly motivated and targeted visitors to your site every single day if done correctly.

Traffic equals leads and leads equals affiliate sales and new people joining your MLM/Network Marketing opportunity. So how does it work? You first need to understand the concepts that drive search engine traffic.

Concept 1: Relevant content. Search engines use bots or spiders to index content on the web and pull that content up when a search is done by looking at specific keywords and keyword phrases. When these words are searched for search engines bring the most relevant content up for the search.

Concept 2: Link popularity. You have a resource box at the end of your article that speaks of the author and allows you to put in a link back to your website. The more sites and content you have linking back to your website the more popular your site becomes and therefore gets ranked higher in the search engines for your chosen keywords that you would like to rank for.

That's pretty much it. These are the most important things anyways. I can't fit all of the information into this tiny article obviously. I offer free training on the complete strategy in my free newsletter. In order to do this strategy on a large enough scale to be effective there are some things you will need. You can access this through my free MLM/Network Marketing training.

There are several things you will need to learn here but if you do this strategy on a consistent basis you will absolutely achieve massive success in you MLM/Network Marketing business the likes of which will blow your mind! The fact is, article marketing has always been and always will be the most effective strategy for creating long term traffic and personal branding. Get my training and I'll see you at the bank!

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Matt Hefner wrote this MLM Success article to help struggling MLM/Network Marketers to avoid the 97% failure rate in this industry. Matt Hefner is a master at teaching people how to generate free leads for their business. If you want to generate 50 to 150 leads per day for your business visit Matt Hefner's MLM Training Secrets.

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