MLM Success, Mike Dillard Teaches How To Attract Incredible MLM Success

By: Jim Hageman

MLM success, Mike Dillard, got started in network marketing back in 2000; just about the time that replicated company websites were being used. He started out with the vision of becoming an MLM success, being an entrepreneur, building a residual income. My desire, in this article, is to reveal to you a small piece of Mike Dillard's story that you can apply to your company to get immediate results.

Mike Dillard's Story

Mike Dillard got started in the multi-level marketing industry right out of college. He admits that at that time, he was very shy, had very little self-confidence and was broke. He needed to have an income to take care of the bills, and also, he wanted to eliminate his fear of talking to people.

He accepted a position as a recruiter calling 200+ doctors' offices, on a daily basis, to eliminate the fear of talking on the phone to prospects. After a few days, he had no problem picking up the phone confidently.

Next, he accepted a job as a waiter at PF Changs. This allowed him to free his daytime hours to focus on MLM. Mike attempted many of the traditional business building methods, invited prospects to home based meeting, gave out flyers, everything and anything without any results.

Mike began reading books and listening to various cds. He learned about target marketing, calling on the people that were already using what you're promoting. He learned about leadership. He started making calls to 100 to 200 people on genealogy lists, every day, still with little results.

He reflected on how life could be so much better if he could get people to contact him. So, he focused on finding out what he had to do to get at least 5 to 10 people to contact him every day. He found a mentor. He learned about attraction marketing. Mike learned that people join you because you are a leader that can offer them value. He learned to posture himself as a leader, rather than chasing after people.

After struggling for over 6 years, falling deep into debt, and having to pawn his assets just to eat, he finally figured things out, and discovered the art of magnetic sponsoring. Initially, he made his findings available to people in his company. Then he started training people, in any company, how to attract endless new prospects and customers to them.

Today, Mike has built a multiple 7-figure organization, leveraging the Internet, in the MLM industry. He teaches clients that being a leader is a choice you make for yourself, immediately. It's a state of mind, a position that you put yourself into. It's the ability to tell someone else what to do next.

Mike Dillard teaches people to stand out from the rest by being honest, having integrity, and giving value. Some main elements that he tells people to focus on are:

1. Learn Internet lead generation and focus on one method until you are generating 30 to 50 leads a day.
2. Learn to convert those leads into sales or prospects for your opportunity.
3. Learn to talk on the phone to prospects and get them to join your team.
4. Focus on one goal or project at a time and do 3 to 5 activities each day to realize it.

In a recent interview, Mike Dillard discusses the tremendous opportunity we have right now, in multi-level marketing, due to the global employment situation. He gets into what we have to do to position ourselves for MLM success.

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MLM Success is available to anyone who is willing to learn and apply what works. If you would like to learn, you're in luck, you can listen to this exclusive Mike Dillard interview for free, right now.

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