MLM Success, 7 Habits of Highly Effective MLM Leaders

By: Jim Hageman

Developing your leadership skills is key to your MLM success. Highly Effective Leaders consistently attract people to their organization, they do not chase them. Highly Effective Leaders:

1. Develop and Use Their Potential

Highly Effective Leaders consistently focus on developing and using more of their potential. They spend their available time studying everything they can to become better communicators, to control their emotions, to understand people, and to master their business.

2. Believe Now

Highly Effective Leaders cultivate a strong belief in themselves, their skills and their opportunity to shine in their organization. They picture themselves clearly achieving the degree of MLM success they desire, well before they begin, through power of visualization. Their image becomes so real to them, they can feel it, see it, hear it, smell it, and taste the fruits of their success.

3. Set Goals

Highly Effective Leaders set long-term and short-term goals. They dare to set 5 year goals, 10 year goals, 20 year goals, in addition to goals for this year, this month, this week, and today. They focus on the results they want, not the work they need to do, and they live their life accordingly.

4. Define Their Why

Highly Effective Leaders invest deep thought to clearly know their Why. They ask themselves, “Why do I truly want to attain a specific goal or result? Why is it really important to me?” Highly Effective Leaders envison what the benefits of their MLM success will mean to their organization, their loved ones, and their lives. Understanding their Why gives them the drive to keep working when the going gets tough. It keeps them achieving even when their results are outstanding. It helps them to work smart, allowing them to spend time with family and friends, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

5. Develop a Plan and Take Action

Highly Effective Leaders identify the actions they have to take to attain the MLM success they crave. They study successful people and do what they see working. Highly Effective Leaders measure their results and change their plan until they have a strategy that produces exactly the MLM scuccess the desire. They multiply their time by engaging the talents of others to assist them. They consistently take action and consistently attain success.

6. Leverage Success

Highly Effective Leaders build upon their results. Every small result they achieve adds to their belief in themselves, their capabilities, and their organization. Their deepened belief draws upon more of their potential and motivates them to expand their goals. Their personal motivation causes them to take massive action which produces massive results.

7. Attract, Build and Train Their Team

Highly Effective Leaders are selective in whom they pick to work with. They attract people who want to know them, desire to learn from them and desire to join their opportunity. Highly Effective Leaders do not chase people, they interview them. They seek to understand and decide whether the person is a solid fit for their MLM or network marketing opportunity.

Highly Effective Leaders invest their time to build a relationship with their team. They train them on numerous marketing methods well-matched for the individual, whether it be an online approach, an offline traditional approach, or a combination of both. Highly Effective Leaders are in the business of developing people, developing leaders, and multiplying their MLM success.

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