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By: MsBetter Netter

Tired of being rejected from your family and friends? Im sure you even went a step further and wrote down some name of old high school and college buddies! Even the people you didn't really know, but had class with? Have you thought about or actually approached a stranger in the grocery store or mall because they looked business savvy? Maybe you even sent messages to your twitter, facebook or myspace friends asking them if they were interested in a new opportunity. I am interested to know...did those methods of prospecting bring you an abundance of success? Did you make any money prospecting in that manner? You don't have to tell me. I know that you didn't make enough money to pay for your autoship or member service fees, and you probably annoyed potential prospects along the way. Let me state that I am not trying you belitte you or your thought process. It is natural, we all do the same thing when we first join. So the question you probably want the answer to is "how do I prospect in a way that I generate leads and have a high conversion rate?" In addition to generating leads I want to share with you a way to start making positive cash flow. You will be able to accomplish both of these goals with the secret that I have below.

Not only will you begin to see positive cash flow you will learn the mindset you need to have to be a leader in this industry once you are exposed to this MLM secret. It's nice when the tables have turned and you are not being sought after, insted of you constantly on the prawl for prospects.The major difference is that they will be interested in you, instead of you practically forcing them to listen. The methodology is called "Attraction Marketing" where people are attracted to you rather than you hunting them.This is the foundation upon which you need to build your primary business if you want to become a five-figure a month earner.

One of the best tools to learn this concept is Magnetic Sponsoring. Mike Dillard completely revolutionized the way that network marketers carried out their business practices. When you apply the concepts you learned from this course you will go from being a "newbie" to an alpha leader in the MLM industry. The most common mistake that new network marketers makes is wearing a huge sign on top of their head that says "Hey look at me! I am trying to sell you something!" When you take that approach you decrease you chances of attracting prospects. Network Marketing is all about building relationships and people don't care about what you know, they want to know that you care. You are only doing yourself a service if you are pitching your opportunity. Try doing something that will benefit the prospect and yourself in the process.

I know what you may be thinking. "If I don't prospect, I won't build my downline. If I'm not building my downline, I'm not making any money!" Well that is why you should strongly consider Magnetic Sponsoring. Not only do you get outstanding training that 90 percent of network marketers have never been taught (considering over 100,000 people in America join a network marketing opportunity every week) you become an affiliate of Mike Dillard and you now can promote this and all of his valuable training and receive a commission! So let's recap...

You gain valuable knowledge and learn how the top earners in the MLM industry think. You promote this training and receive commissions. For example when a prospect purchases Magnetic Sponsoring you earn $20! Twenty dollars may not sound like much alone, but when you add some numbers to it you see the potential. Your site promotes the training and 50 people purchase the training from you. That is $1,000 you just earned from sharing marketing training with other network marketers. That is beautiful! Not only did you help another person succeed, you earned some money in the process. The best deal is where both parties feel like they have gained something! Another benefit of this course is that the prospects that you attract are stored in a database in the back office for you! So you don't have to desperately seek out people, you will have a list of prospects all your own that you can call or email and connect with. You truely cannot put a price on the value of this course.

You may hear a lot of speculation that the "traditional" way of prospecting is dead. In my opinion you need to utilize both online and offline methods to be successful in the MLM industry. Once again this is a business of building relationships, hence the word "networking." In addition after you go through your network you need to have the knowledge to properly market. If you don't know how to market you are missing half of what you need in the network marketing industry. Building your business online is the definition of working
smarter, instead of harder. You will be leveraging your time using this method. So even if a prospect does not join your business you can still profit and introduce them to a new paradigm for success!

Happy Networking!

Ms. BetterNetter

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