MLM Recruiting and Retention Program causes Top MLM Leaders to scramble to get in first.

By: Neil Howe

Two of the biggest problems in MLM are recruiting and retention. Getting the initial sign up and getting them to take action and remain focused long enough until they see results.
The average person will stay as a paying member of an MLM for 3-5 months and 95% of new recruits are done within 2 years. Not a great retention rate there!
So what methods can be used to get people in your organization and keep them there?
Well, a new program out of Georgia is causing quite a talking sensation among top MLM leaders. It is an ideal situation where the biggest issue is handled and lots of "no's" are turning into "yes's."
It has to do with finding the money up front to join the MLM in the first place. What is the most common answer when you are recruiting? "Well, I would really love to, I see the vision, but I just don't have the money right now."
Isn't that what you hear all the time?
There are over 15 million people involved in MLM or Network Marketing in the United States alone and over 63 million worldwide. Now imagine if all the people who were approached and saw the vision said "Yes". There would be at least double the people and consequently, double your success as a top MLM leader.
So, how do you find a way to have your clients come up with the money to join your MLM opportunity?
That's right...Gold!
The vast majority of people you approach to recruit for your MLM business have broken and unwanted gold lying around their house in drawers, never to see the light of day. You may also know that gold is selling at an all time high right now. Somewhere right around $1,100 an ounce. Some experts say that that price is going to continue to rise possibly even to $2,000 an ounce in the future.
You have probably seen the "We Buy Gold" signs all over the place in your community. New Gold stores are popping up everywhere, and the "Cash 4 Gold" commercials on TV are on every channel. Even MC Hammer and Ed McMahon are getting rid of their gold according to the Superbowl commercial.
You may be thinking that the market is saturated, but it is anything but. Only about 10% of people have cashed in their gold. Some are desperate and just need the extra money and they are drawn in by the signs and commercials only to get ripped off and take a terribly low price for their valuable gold. But most people are still hanging on.
Now imagine if you could tell people that they could use that gold and do something profitable with it that is going to change their lives. Start a new home business with your MLM opportunity.
It all of a sudden makes sense. They are not wasting the money and blowing it on something that is going to be gone in a matter of days. They are investing in their future with gold that is just lying around their house. What a neat idea.
Georgia Gold Refinery LLC. is partnering with top MLM leaders and owners as well as affiliate marketers and internet gurus launching products to give a solution to the cash flow problem that could drastically increase sales. A simple splash page is provided that is unique and customized to you and your MLM business is made available so it can be advertized as a solution to the cash flow issue.
Here is how it works: people enter their name and address in the form on the page and are sent a Fedex insured, stamped envelope in which to put their broken and unwanted gold in. It is sent to Georgia Gold Refinery to be weighed and analyzed, then a call is made to make sure the sender is accepting the high price they get back for their gold and a check is cut that arrives at their door within a week. They now have the money to join your MLM opportunity and change their lives with a home business.
A recent study done by 11 Alive news in Atlanta found that the return price for gold varies depending on where you take it by hundreds of dollars. They took the same gold to a dozen different stores around Atlanta and found the best price to be 60% of spot value and the worst around 30%. Georgia Gold Refinery is paying out 63% of spot value, which is a great price for gold.
They are a company build on 100% ethical relations and have no complaints from the BBB. The goal is to have as many happy and repeat customers as possible. That is why they give back such a great price.
Now, MLM leaders have a great way to attract new recruits knowing that their new recruit is going to get a great price for their gold and will have a check in hand within a week for the MLM start up fees and even some extra money to help get started and pay monthly fees and expenses.
But, that is not all.
The added incentive for top MLM leaders is that Georgia Gold Refinery is giving back 10-20% of their net profits to the MLM leader or company to use in any way they wish. It can be put into a bonus pool to share with top new recruits; create an added fast start bonus and rewards program; or maybe add something that the MLM Company is not doing. Do something extra that will set them apart as the top MLM leader in their company.
This program will go a long way to solving the problem of recruiting and retention in MLM. Many more will sign up and have the money to get started in a positive fashion and stay in the game long enough to see results. Long term down-line business partners too can use the simple gold splash page to get extra money to go to the next convention and find that new energy to explode their business. It is a win-win situation all round. In fact, anyone can use your personal splash page and cash in their gold for a great price and you will still get 10-20% of the profits.
There are thousands of MLM companies who can use this program, however, top leaders are sought first as they have the biggest down-lines and the biggest potential to reward more people with this program. Make gold work for you today. A simple call to Neil Howe @ 850 687-5339 is all it takes to get this process started and your page up and running within 24 hours. Who will be the next company to launch this successful new gold recruiting program? Will it be you, or your competition?

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