MLM Prospecting: Recruiting The Fire Personality Type

By: L.R. Hand

MLM Prospecting is actually a necessity when it comes to building your Home Based business.....I mean it's Vital! However, it has to be noted that there will be four predominant personality types you will want to be aware of.

In the following number of posts, I'll go through each of the four of these prospect personality types in depth and point out not just what makes each one of these tick, as well as how you can these people and convert these qualified prospects into new mlm business partners.

Now some people refer to these types of personalities as Fire, Ice, Wind, Water or Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or perhaps Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Nevertheless, it doesn't matter how you equate the type to any of these, the reality is that the characteristics stay pretty much the same for each. Additionally, a lot of people have a mixture of these traits; I call this bleeding personalities, and so bear that in mind.

Keep in mind MLM prospecting is not actually all about the prospective distributor speaking and you just answering, but additionally you taking a little control and asking questions too. Not every person is going to want to enroll with you nor do you want them on your team. Try and mirror your potential distributor the best you can, but know what to look for!

The 1st personality type I want to discuss in this article is...

The Fire Personality
The very first thing you have to know about these people is that they are really motivated by MONEY. If there's a buck to be made or an avenue to generate money, these types will likely find it!

Second of all, these personality types DESPISE bosses and getting told what to do. Especially if they discover a legitimate reason in their mind not to do something because it impedes with their vision, they'll incinerate the rules and rebel. Additionally, they are Extraordinarily Impatient and will talk over you if you can't get to the point or start to bore them. I am guilty of this trait, I have to confess.

Keep in mind, these are not bad folks, they are just no-nonsense, head strong individuals!

Now, how do you transform these combustible personalities into an MLM Prospecting advantage?

First and foremost, Talk about the MONEY! Start out talking about your company's pay plan and let them envision how they could make an obscene amount of money rather quickly. Go over the Bonuses, the Residuals and if feasible, connect these people with someone in your upline or crossline that's also a fire personality; these folks will usually respond to Leadership, so make sure you can connect them with somebody who can easily mirror their desire to make money.

In the following article, I'll be talking about the Ice Personality and approaches to successfully use MLM Prospecting techniques with the Ice Personality.

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