MLM Prospecting - Do Network Marketing Products Make a Difference?

By: Jim Green

In this article we review multi level marketing prospecting and examine the part that top MLM products have in building a successful business. In this regard, there are a couple of ways of thinking. Those that recommend attraction marketing and branding yourself and those recommending a more product-centric tactic. Also, the most burning issue is whether to focus your marketing labors with products or your business opportunity. Which is correct?

Finding the right formula for yourself will help you to most effectively and rapidly enter the "winner's circle" in your network marketing or direct sales home business venture. Certainly branding yourself vs. the MLM products or business is a key factor. In sales, everyone knows that people buy from people and that marketing is "king." How many companies have stayed on top of their industry with run of the mill direct sales products? Truly, successful promotion campaigns can "tip the scale."

But doesn't having the best products matter? Yes. First of all, if you're knowingly foisting mediocre direct sales or MLM products on your customers it will be hard to stay consistent with your own ethics. Not only that, but your customers may find out, making referrals more difficult to come by. Thus, conventional "wisdom" that you can, with proper technique, sell ice cubes to an eskimo, may be only temporarily true.

Companies selling inferior products will eventually "face the music." But aren't there many network marketing "millionaires" selling "pedestrian" MLM opportunities and products? I'm sure everyone knows someone who was "sold" on an opportuity based on earnings of someone already "at the top," without due diligence on actual product effectiveness. Perhaps this factor should be given less weight in selecting a company, and more time spent researching independent product quality information.

The importance of attraction marketing can't be overstated, but is most effective when combined with products that make a difference and company management. Naturally your own personal "story" will be your most effective sales tool. How would you describe your own personal benefits from your company's products? Devoid of a "personal" results, your prospects will intuitively understand that you're "selling" them, in the worst sense of the word, and perceive this at a subconcious level. If new to your business, consider "borrowing" from your personal mentors' most successful product results.

Contrary to what most new distributors think, the best sales person is not one who knows all the product's ingredients and features. What people really want are results, however. If your network marketing services/products can make a true difference for a client and supply not according to what you perceive to be their needs, but what the prospect achieve a "true" sale, in the best sense of the word. Thus the best MLM network marketing recruiting will be done based on your own individual success story. How did your company's products make a difference for you? It is best to connect with your prospects on this level.

But attraction marketing is also vitally needed so that you can get your "success story" in front of as many people as possible. Making yourself the "authority" figure through attraction marketing will achieve this result. This is how all top network marketers have achieved success. Most have done it through conventional means in "spreading" the word, and have "paid their dues." Now, new automation tools available online can deliver the same outcome in much shorter and compressed periods of time. "Overnight" success stories are becoming increasingly ordinary.

So what is the recommendation? You need to have some "notoriety" with your own success story using your company's products and/or business money making plan. That may sound simple, but at the same time take awhile for many people. Disovering the correct combination will "unlock" much wealth for you, if you first find the best MLM network marketing, affiliate or direct sales product for your own needs. Then are you able to attract prospects using attraction marketing with both Internet marketing and among your own "real world" contacts with maximum authority.

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Jim Green is an attraction marketing specialist using online tools for the best network marketing or direct sales of network marketing products.

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